How to Get the Most from Events & Expos

Digital marketing is our bread and butter at Sood, but that doesn’t mean we sit around all day staring at our screens! Like any business, we take advantage of offline events and expos to expand our reach and network with people within the industry..

They offer a prime opportunity to showcase your brand, provided you select ones that align with your business goals. If you’re not diving into the world of events and expo, you’re missing out! So, read on as we explore some effective strategies to ensure you get the most out of your upcoming events.

The No-Chairs Strategy

One of our top tips, which might spark debate, is the elimination of chairs from your stand. It’s a common sight to see exhibitors seated, glued to their phones, missing the chance to engage with potential customers. This passive approach can cost you valuable interactions. Instead, staying active and ready to engage demonstrates your enthusiasm and commitment to connecting with visitors.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

The essence of exhibition success lies in having meaningful conversations with the right people. It’s crucial to quickly assess whether an individual is a qualified lead. Develop a set of qualifying questions to determine the relevance of each interaction. Remember, not every visitor will be a perfect fit, but it’s essential to manage your time wisely to ensure you’re available for those who are.

Positioning Matters

An unconventional but effective tactic we recommend is to position yourself in the walkway, rather than waiting passively within the confines of the booth. This proactive approach allows you to intercept potential prospects, engage them in a preliminary discussion, and then, if appropriate, invite them into your stand for a more in-depth conversation. By actively engaging passersby, you increase your chances of connecting with valuable leads you might otherwise miss.

Make It Personal

Following up after the exhibition is just as important as the conversations you have on the day. Personalise your follow-up messages by taking notes during your discussions. Scribble reminders on business cards or in your notebook about specific topics you talked about. A personalised follow-up, referencing your conversation, can significantly enhance the likelihood of converting leads into customers.

Choosing the Right Exhibition

Selecting the right exhibition is crucial. Research is key to this decision-making process. Investigate which companies will be attending – both competitors and potential clients. If your competitors are investing in a particular event, it might be a valuable opportunity for you to showcase what sets you apart. The right exhibition can provide a unique platform to highlight your brand’s strengths and connect with your target audience.

Exhibitions are a powerful tool for business growth and brand development, but success requires more than just showing up. By adopting a proactive engagement strategy, engaging in meaningful conversations, positioning yourself strategically, personalising your follow-ups, and carefully selecting the right events to attend, you can maximise the impact of your exhibition presence.



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