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Are you an industrial machine supplier looking to elevate your online presence? Look no further than Sood – we have accrued years of experience marketing for such companies, growing brands through tailored and effective marketing strategies.

How can we help your industrial machine supply business?

If your business doesn’t have a strong online presence in today’s world, you’re missing an untapped well of customers and revenue.

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You may think digital marketing only benefits a certain kind of business – ones that are more technological or media-based. Not true. Any business benefits from a strong online presence, because customers of all business types are searching online for solutions to their problems.

For your industrial machine supply business to thrive, you must adapt your marketing strategy to meet customers where they’re at. At Sood, we have years of experience working closely with industrial machine suppliers to grow their customer base and maximise their revenue by taking advantage of online channels.

As our client, you can expect a positive relationship built on trust and transparency. We’ll get to know your business through open discussions where ideas flow freely and honestly. We’re not here to drown you in jargon – we’ll explain in clear terms how our services can draw in those all-important customers and revenue.

You may not need everything we have to offer, but we’ll work with you to pinpoint the most suitable services for your business.

Building a digital future with a personal touch.

First and foremost, you need a strong website that represents your business’ ethos and values while keeping your customers’ needs in mind.

A website provides limitless opportunities to promote your brand and attract new audiences. After working closely with you to understand your business, we’ll develop a fully custom bespoke website tailored to your business’ needs.

Need a convenient online storefront to sell your products? Want regular blog content to showcase your services? Do you simply not have the time and resources to build a fully-featured website to promote your brand and attract new customers? Let us do the heavy lifting.

After consulting with you to determine what services and features your website should include, our team will get to work developing it straight away. You’ll be regularly updated on our progress and encouraged to deliver feedback to keep us on the right track.

No two clients are the same, so we’ll work closely with you to decide which custom features would benefit your business best. Finance calculators and a quick quote service are common features used by our industrial machinery supplier clients.

Get a website that serves you and your customers faithfully – read more about our website development services.

Say you’ve got a strong website, now how do you make sure your audience can find it? Through SEO, your website will be optimised to rank higher on search engines, meaning your audience can find it more easily.

There’s a lot of technical aspects to SEO that may be difficult to understand. In essence, it involves adapting your website – from written content to under-the-hood settings – to make it more attractive to Google. Let us handle the technical aspects in the knowledge we’re making it easier for your customers to find you.

SEO is an organic, cost-effective process that requires time to implement successfully. You may be tempted to leap after the short-term benefits of paid aids, but SEO cultivates a more loyal community of customers. This makes it a more rewarding investment – after all, attracting customers is important, but retaining them is even better.

Don’t get buried by the competition – read more about our SEO services here.

Why would an industrial machine supplier need a Facebook page? Don’t underestimate the importance of building a community for your brand. In the social media age, a significant portion of your customer base will use platforms like Facebook to find answers to their problems. Your customers are waiting to discover your business – don’t let them search in vain.

Alongside finding easily accessible information about your business, your customers want a place to engage directly with you and each other. Getting immediate answers to their queries, delivering positive feedback or practical criticisms, chatting to other customers and raising awareness of your business in the process – the usefulness of social media as an organic marketing tool cannot be understated.

Fostering personal connections with your customers via social media is a great, cost-effective way to retain them as loyal brand ambassadors. Organic discovery of your brand is always more rewarding than short-term attention.

With years of experience building and managing social media profiles for industrial machine suppliers, we’re the perfect choice to strengthen your connection with your online audience.

You may question the importance of graphic design for your business, but it is vital if you want to establish a strong brand identity for your business.

You supply quality machines, but is this obvious from your branding? Ideally, your audience should gauge a solid understanding of your business from its visual identity alone. This includes logos, banners, social media assets, and even offline media such as leaflets and brochures. Without graphic design, they’d be buried and forgotten by a disinterested customer base.

Strong graphic design should accurately reflect your business’ ethos and values. Each business has a unique personality – we can capture that and incorporate it into the heart of your branding.

These days, attention spans are short and your audience has a limitless array of businesses to choose from. Invest in quality graphic design to set yourself apart from the crowd and catch the attention of your audience in a heartbeat.

Visual content is perfect for injecting life into your brand. Websites with high-quality photos are more attractive to your audience, and give them an immediate relevant impression of what you do. Social media posts with images and videos receive 1.5x more engagement than those without.

You may not think visual content could spice up your industrial machine supply business, but you’d be surprised. All businesses benefit from having a more enticing and dynamic online presence characterised by interesting, relevant, and engaging images & videos.

One of our long-term clients, RJ Woodworking, is a woodworking machinery supplier. When we took over their social media management, we made a push to include more images and videos to tap into these engagement opportunities. The result: they now have over 3,000 Instagram followers, and some of their most consistently well-performing posts are videos.

All businesses have the potential to shine through quality content creation, you just need an experienced team to unlock this potential. That’s where we come in.

RJ Woodworking are a woodworking machinery supplier we’ve been working with for a number of years. They initially came to us to develop their online presence and tap into an audience they were not able to reach alone.

Through open consultations with founder Richard, we determined that his existing website was holding him back. He was struggling to generate leads (i.e. attract new customers) through it, and so asked us to develop a bespoke custom website for him with lead generation in mind.

Trusting our team’s expertise, he took a hands-off approach and let our years of experience guide the website project. We took the reins and created a plan tailored to his business and goals. This involved full website development, content writing, product writing, and the implementation of special customer-centric features.

These were chosen as the most suitable elements to create the most seamless customer experience for RJ. The special features included a quick quote system, finance calculator, and in-stock & back-stock pages. After collaborating with RJ to understand his business and customers, these features were selected to provide the greatest benefits to them. All of our projects are tailored to each client and their audience – after all, no two are the same.

Within the first year of the new website launching, leads increased by 1270%. Richard’s joy at the success of our partnership meant he was more than happy to hand over the reins of RJ’s social media management to us. Within a year of us managing these accounts, we grew their social media leads by 320%.

Nothing pleases us more than a job well done, and we’re thrilled to have boosted the success of Richard’s business. As a member of the Sood family, we’re excited to continue working with him and RJ Woodworking long into the future.

“Since working with Sood, we’ve seen an increase in website traffic and a significant increase in sales resulting from it. Our social media presence is much better – we’re gaining followers all the time. Nothing’s too much trouble and we’re very pleased with everything they’ve done for us.”

Richard Haydock

RJ Woodworking

Maximise the potential of your industrial machine supply business.

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