Aztec Coin

The Mission • Promote their full range of products on a new SEO-optimised website.

Aztec Coin is a specialist distributor of coin-operated amusement machines.

From arcade games and fruit machines to jukeboxes and air hockey, they provide a wide range of machines for both home and retail use. They cater to a range of establishments, including pubs, holiday parks, hotels, and more.

Having steered the ship for over 30 years, Richard Monk – the brains behind Aztec – really knows his stuff. It’s through his expert guidance that the brand has continued to be successful for so long. However, even the most seasoned business owners can require support to thrive in the online realm.

Highlight • "In just a few months, the Aztec Coin website experienced a 400% increase in user sessions, 435% increase in users, and 360% increase in page views."

The Problem

Understanding that his website was showing its age, Richard sought our expertise to bring it into the modern age and effectively engage his online audience.

Above all, there was a mismatch between the site’s dated design and Aztec Coin’s brand identity in 2023. We also identified several navigation issues on the old site – specifically relating to a limiting menu structure and an omission of products. We also identified several opportunities to implement custom features that would improve the user experience and generate more leads. On top of this, our SEO team identified several areas in which SEO optimisation could improve the discoverability of the site.

With our track record of elevating the brand presence of local businesses, we were the obvious choice to breathe new life into the Aztec Coin website.

To revitalise Aztec Coin’s online presence, we took a two-fold approach: a website revamp followed by monthly SEO work.

Web Design

The new website was designed around improving the user experience and establishing a strong brand identity.

The overall design of the website was revamped to be much more visually appealing. Gone are the days of text-heavy pages, excessive white spaces, and ill-fitting images. We seamlessly overhauled the existing pages with a brand new design that had a much more modern and attractive aesthetic.

Beyond refining the old content, our web design team also added several important new pages and features. One standout feature, the wholesaler login, enables Richard to provide discounted machines to wholesalers. A new FAQ section not only answers visitor questions but showcases Aztec Coin’s deep industry insights. To elevate user support, we integrated a direct WhatsApp assistance button, ensuring Richard can swiftly assist users in need.

Finally, dozens of new products were added and all product pages were revamped with custom filters (such as category selection and a price bracket) so that customers can effortlessly find what they are looking for with ease.


Beyond design and functionality, our SEO team also worked hard to implement the latest strategies to boost Aztec Coin’s online visibility and organic search rankings.

Our efforts included comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimisation, content enhancement, and off-page strategies to improve domain authority and backlink profile.

With the addition of myriad new products, these SEO strategies – reviewed and refined every month – give us plenty of opportunities to boost Aztec Coin up the search rankings. In fact, we have already started to see some impressive results.

So, what are the results of our efforts? Well, they began to show remarkably quickly:

In just a few months, the Aztec Coin website experienced a 400% increase in user sessions, 435% increase in users, and 360% increase in page views.

This rapid growth in such a short period can be attributed to an expert synergy of strong website design, user experience optimisation, and strategic SEO.

To see the finished product, click here to check out the new Aztec Coin website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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