Bate & Holland

The Mission • Upgrade the website to reflect their values and ethos.

Bate & Holland is a family-run funeral director who prides themselves on their compassionate and personalised funeral services.

Serving the communities of St Helens, Wigan, and the surrounding areas, they have a deep understanding of the challenges that losing a loved one can bring, and have honed an empathetic approach to their services, ensuring that their clients can make well-informed decisions with as little stress as possible during such difficult times.

Their services include bespoke funeral services, 24-hour professional care, private chapels of rest, as well as several unique options such as custom coffins, dove releases, and pet funerals.

Highlight • "[We aimed] to provide a comforting online presence..."

The Problem

When Bate & Holland approached us, they did so in the knowledge that their existing website was not a true reflection of the values and ethos their business embodied.

The design was stuck in the past – not something that represented the forward-thinking approach of a modern funeral director. It suffered from inconsistency in design elements, difficult navigation, and information was hard to find. Some pages were extremely text-heavy and dull to view. It also lacked certain important features that would make life easier for customers.

Essentially, they needed an upgrade, and came to us to develop a brand new bespoke website that represented the Bate & Holland of the modern day.

Web Design

First things first – the design. Bate & Holland already had a logo they liked and a general colour palette they wanted to stick to. Their vision was to create a website that felt realistic yet hopeful, avoiding a morbid or depressing tone. This approach aligns with their understanding of their customers’ needs during difficult times, aiming to provide a comforting online presence rather than one that amplifies sadness.

If a user wanted to find information about arranging a funeral on the old site, they’d be greeted with a mass of dense text on a white background, resembling a generic Word document. However, this page has now been transformed into a much more dynamic and visually appealing form. It retains the same essential information but now includes images, boxed elements, testimonials, and other engaging features, making it much more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Additionally, the old website had a confusing presentation of funeral packages, making it hard for customers to understand what each package included. We made a conscious effort to fix this page on the new site. Now, each package is clearly outlined in an eye-catching box that makes it easy to compare prices and features.

Every page was given similar attention and enhancements, and once the new design was locked in, the focus shifted to integrating new features that would further improve the user experience.

Since the original site was created, Bate & Holland have since expanded their operations to include a Wigan location alongside their standard St Helens office. To ensure this was reflected on their website, we added a location page, featuring brief details for each location, including addresses, images, and contact information. Additionally, a user-friendly dropdown menu allows visitors to easily navigate to information about a specific location, enhancing the quality of life for each user.

One of the most common reasons a customer visits Bate & Holland is to estimate funeral costs. To aid customers with this, we implemented a ‘Funeral Cost Calculator’ directly onto the website, which enables customers to discover this figure independently. The user-friendly form allows customers to input details about the planned funeral, which the calculator then uses to provide a cost total. This helps customers to make informed decisions about their next steps with greater confidence.

The brand new Bate & Holland website is a significant revamp, capturing the essence of the brand in a modern package that’s easier to navigate than ever.

Visit the all-new Bate & Holland website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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