BGreenn Case Study


BGreenn is a renewable energy company dedicated to installing low carbon technologies in a variety of domestic and commercial settings throughout the UK.

This energy-focused company provides a range of services committed to make their customers’ energy supply “cheaper, cleaner, and greener” – including solar panels, EV charging, battery storage, and heating solutions.

Of course, it is very important to care about the planet in our current times, but BGreenn are also committed to providing peace of mind to their customers by being as transparent as possible when delivering their services. Their team make the effort to walk their clients through each step of the work they undertake, explaining as clearly as possible what they are going to provide and how this will positively affect them.

Marketing Director Geoff was confident in his services, but decided to plan a rebrand in order to focus his business’ messages and target his customers more effectively. As we have successfully worked with Geoff on projects in the past he approached us straight away to support him on this project.

Services section of Bgreenn homepage

The Problem

Geoff came to us because his existing website for BGreenn was failing to attract an audience. Its design was outdated and desperately needed a modern revamp. He needed help developing fresh branding and incorporating this into a brand new website to attract more customers and generate more leads.

The Solution


Before we started developing the website, we needed to establish the right branding. Our web designers began drafting several prototype designs for logos and banners, including a variety of different colour schemes and fonts.

These options were passed along to Geoff, who communicated the ones he preferred, and gave us valuable feedback which informed subsequent redesigns.

Naturally, as an energy-focused company – one with ‘Green’ in the business name at that – we leaned towards a prominent usage of green throughout the logo and website design. When brainstorming tagline ideas, we settled on ‘Stop. Think. BGreenn.’ which led to the implementation of a traffic light motif on the logo, with ‘Green’ representing both the environment and a commitment to always move forward.

As with all our work, the final branding was the result of open, honest, and confident collaboration between our design team and the client. We strived to produce something that accurately represented Geoff’s desires, and we’re pleased that he was satisfied with the end result.


Once the branding was approved, we could start working on developing a fully custom website to Geoff’s specifications.

Geoff expressed a desire to cater to his two target audiences equally. This greatly informed how we approached the website design. We split the focus of the website 50/50 between domestic and commercial customers – for example, we added a unique page for each, and also added buttons for each underneath each service. User experience is always a priority for each website we develop, so we made an effort to ensure any user can easily find the section they want.

After establishing the design of the website, our content writing team began drafting full copy for each page. Naturally, the copy followed the design’s 50/50 ratio, so targeted copy was needed for both audiences. It was important that the tone and style of the text accurately reflected the branding for BGreenn, so each page was approved by Geoff before being finalised.

Solar PV section of Bgreenn homepage

In an effort to modernise the website and further enhance the user experience, we implemented pop-up forms for potential customers to easily obtain a quote. The form is quick, snappy, and easy to fill out. This falls in line with the website’s overall clean and accessible design.

The website was frequently presented to Geoff, whose feedback was always taken on board, and any changes were made quickly and accurately. The final product is a successful collaboration between our skilled team and the client’s wishes.

Since the site launched, we have continued to provide website maintenance on a regular basis to ensure it remains up-to-date and any issues are dealt with promptly.

We’re pleased that Geoff is satisfied with the end result, and are thrilled to see how this revitalised website supports BGreenn’s mission to create a greener nation.

The Results

We have successfully produced a responsive, well-optimised website for BGreenn that better reflects its brand identity and more effectively targets its customers.

This new website is highly fit for purpose with a clearer customer journey for each visitor. This means the website has been designed with each target audience in mind, and the user experience has been optimised for each. Any user will have a much simpler time finding what they are looking for compared to the old site, which is incredibly important in an age of short attention spans and vast competition.

Previously, it was much more difficult for users to make a conversion upon visiting the site. However, with these improvements, the user flow from ‘Interest’ to ‘Customer’ is much easier to follow, increasing the amount of conversions experienced on the BGreenn website.

View the fresh new BGreenn website here.

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