British Chambers of Commerce

The Mission • Revamp hundreds of pages to align with their new direction.

The British Chambers of Commerce needs no introduction. You know them as one of the biggest and most influential business organisations in the UK. Since 1860, they have passionately supported British business locally, nationally, and all around the globe.

With 53 Chambers and operations in over 75 markets internationally, they have an extensive reach that enables them to effectively support and empower businesses & communities. By joining the Chamber Network, businesses have access to valuable resources, insights, and support tailored to help them thrive.

Through this vast Network, the BCC strives to shape the future of business for the better while creating positive change in local communities. Ultimately, the BCC is where business belongs.

Highlight • "[Constant feedback] streamlined the workflow and ultimately yielded a final product that fully resonated with their vision."

The Problem

In today’s digital landscape, a website plays a crucial role in how an organisation is perceived. The more eyes that are on you, the higher the weight of expectation placed upon you. Needless to say, it’s vital that the BCC’s online presence stands as a testament to its acclaimed reputation.

While perfectly functional, the existing BCC website was beginning to show its age. One of the major issues they were experiencing was a difficulty with in-house updates. The website architecture was convoluted, which limited their access and freedom when it came to adding or amending pages. Additionally, we came across a substantial number of duplicate pages which made navigation difficult and complicated. One thing was clear: a spring clean was in order.

So, after a chance meeting at a networking event, our founder Paalan successfully pitched a revamp. An array of improvement opportunities lay ahead, and with our experience and determination, we were ready to make them happen. One thing led to another and planning began on upgrading one of the most prestigious websites in the country.

Lots of planning, actually. Accommodating the BCC’s huge audience was no mean feat, but we engaged in extensive stakeholder research to sharpen our focus. This research stage was incredibly important when designing the site, and informed a lot of the decisions we made. Accessibility was a major priority, and understanding the needs of the audience was key to refining the user experience.

Navigation is now a breeze thanks to our work streamlining the menus and page structure – it is easier than ever for visitors to find what they’re looking for. With hundreds of pages to refine (and duplicates to remove), crafting an intuitive user flow was a labyrinthian challenge, but one that our team confidently embraced. With six years of experience supporting local businesses under our belt, we had the knowledge and skills to make the project as painless as possible.

The user-friendly improvements also extend to the BCC team. With a more intuitive interface, adding and editing pages is straightforward. While we’re always on-hand to assist them with more complex tasks, they now have unprecedented control over their website.

Design-wise, the new website is sleek and stylish, taking inspiration from their existing branding but repackaging it in a shiny new form. We collaborated closely with the BCC team when perfecting the design elements, granting them access to our Figma workstation so they could observe and comment on our mock-ups in real time. Additionally, we held regular meetings with key members of the BCC throughout the project, making sure we were constantly in sync regarding the project’s direction.

This constant flow of feedback not only built a strong rapport between our team and theirs, but it streamlined the workflow and ultimately yielded a final product that fully resonated with their vision.

Boasting a more visually appealing design, fluid layout, and cleaner menus, this is a BCC website for the modern age. One that reaffirms them as industry leaders, ahead of the curve and ready to bring other businesses with them into a thriving future.

During the project, the BCC rebranded their policy campaigns into five new areas: Global Britain, Green Innovation, Local Economy of the Future, People and Work, and Digital Revolution. We quickly adapted our design to accommodate for this change, and reworked the website copy to ensure that it reflected this new direction. What could have been a major hurdle ended up being a seamless transition.

On top of this, our copywriter worked to elevate the site’s content, honing its clarity and expressiveness while retaining the intention of the original text. As with the design, all of this content was individually reviewed by the BCC team to ensure nothing was lost during the rewrites, highlighting the importance of our collaborative approach.

In the final stretch, we wanted to ensure this hard work would reach its intended audience. Therefore, we implemented foundational SEO, which the original website lacked, enhancing its discoverability on Google.

A true cornerstone of UK business – with a storied history spanning over 160 years – it’s an honour to leave a mark on the BCC’s timeline with this exciting website revamp. Being a Chamber member has been a highly positive influence on us over the years, and channelling our talents into such a significant Chamber project has been incredibly fulfilling. A triumph of mutual support.

From design to development and all the copywriting in between, the success of this project proves we’re more than ready to take on bigger projects moving forward.

Click here to view the new BCC website. You can also follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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