The Mission • Craft the ideal website to promote their charity event.

Cheer-Up is a Liverpool-based organisation dedicated to enriching the local community and supporting vital charities. As the name suggests, their aim is to spread cheer while helping those in need.

In 2012, amidst a profound period of grief due to the loss of beloved family members to cancer and leukaemia, the founders of Cheer-Up transformed their sorrow into a force for good. Motivated by the memory of their loved ones, including Geoff, whose zest for life and love of parties left a lasting impression, they established Cheer-Up.

The organisation’s mission is to fight against the diseases that had brought so much pain, using joy and celebration as powerful tools in their fundraising efforts. In short: let’s party, let’s raise money, and let’s cheer up!

Highlight • "It’s a people-powered event, so showcasing the people involved [...] was an important goal."

The Problem

Since setting up the organisation in 2012, they have achieved remarkable success, hosting five memorable events and raising over £70,000 for six deserving charities. What started as a simple but passionate dream quickly gained traction and blossomed into a significant force for good.

However, after the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to postpone their sixth event, the organisation lost momentum, and a shadow of uncertainty was cast over its future. But the enduring spirit of the organisation couldn’t be dimmed for long. The loss of another loved one to cancer in 2021 rekindled the resolve of Cheer-Up, leading to the triumphant return of their events with ‘Cheer-Up! 6’!

With the team putting all their efforts into making ‘Cheer-Up! 6’ the biggest and best one yet, we were more than happy to support their efforts by developing a brand new website to promote their cause.

Web Design

To help Cheer-Up revitalise their online presence in anticipation of ‘Cheer-Up! 6’, we set out to craft a brand new website that reflected their core ethos: to cheer people up!

Our design strategy focused on creating a vibrant and engaging layout that encapsulated the brand’s core elements of joy and celebration. To this end, we incorporated a rich array of bright colours alongside images from earlier events, each picture telling a story of joy and communal celebration, perfectly aligning with Cheer-Up’s identity.

But it wasn’t just about vibes. We made sure to highlight important information about the brand that would answer any questions visitors may have. This included the inspiring story behind the brand, its achievements in supporting six vital charities, and an FAQ section for any additional queries. Strategic calls-to-action were placed throughout the site, inviting visitors to learn more about the ball and how their participation could make a difference.

The main event, however, was ‘Cheer-Up 6!’ – the shining star of the website. A prominent countdown timer sits atop the page, alongside enticing event details and a clear call to action for booking tickets. Generating excitement for the event is the website’s primary goal, so we made this element a priority on the design.

To make signing up as easy as possible, we integrated a booking page powered by Amelia, a user-friendly booking system on Elementor. This allows visitors to secure their spot at the charity ball effortlessly, with a seamless transition from interest to action.

Testimonials from past participants and beneficiaries were strategically placed to underscore the impact of Cheer-Up’s efforts, lending credibility and giving people an authentic taste of the positive vibes and cheerful atmosphere they can expect to experience. It’s a people-powered event, so showcasing the people involved – both organisers and attendees – was an important goal.

We strategically placed testimonials from previous attendees throughout the site to highlight the profound impact of Cheer-Up’s events. These testimonials serve as a powerful testament to the credibility of the organisation giving visitors an authentic taste of the joyful and uplifting experience that each one brings. As a people-powered brand, we aimed to spotlight the vibrant mosaic of individuals – both organisers and participants – who make Cheer-Up a success.

Overall, the website strikes a perfect balance, showcasing the Cheer-Up brand’s cheerful and approachable personality through a vibrant design, while simultaneously prioritising clear information and a user-friendly booking system for their upcoming event. This ensures visitors feel welcome and informed, maximising both brand experience and event participation.

With their exciting new event just around the corner, the Cheer-Up team now has the perfect online platform to generate buzz and make each event more successful than the last! Charity events like this are crucial, and we’re thrilled to be a part of raising awareness and maximising their reach.

Click here to visit the Cheer-Up website and learn more about their excellent cause, as well as get all the details on their upcoming event. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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