EyeDoctor Case Study

EyeDoctor is a UK-based Eye Health and Treatment clinic headed by renowned Ophthalmologist Dr Fayyaz Musa. EyeDoctor offers a range of services to help restore and maintain eye health, such as cataract surgery, laser vision correction and treatment for a wide range of eye conditions. EyeDoctor also offers a variety of products and eyewear to help improve vision.

EyeDoctor takes pride in its ability to provide the highest quality care to all patients. The clinic is staffed by highly skilled medical professionals, making it one of the leading eye care providers in the UK.

The team at EyeDoctor understand that everyone’s eye health needs are unique and tailor their approach to suit each patient’s requirements. They strive to make all treatments as pain-free and stress-free as possible and believe in providing a friendly, welcoming environment. EyeDoctor also provides comprehensive aftercare advice to ensure their patients’ continued eye health is protected

woman getting her eyes checked

The Problem

We have had the pleasure of working with EyeDoctor and Dr Musa on a website project in the past, so we already had a solid understanding of his business and brand.

EyeDoctor required an entirely new website that they could promote and sell their products and services on. The website needed to be modern, easy to navigate and promote their services more effectively. We needed to focus on SEO to create content, but had to ensure that everything we developed was accurate and correct to meet Google’s YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) standards

EyeDoctor also needed to increase traffic and leads to their key services. Their main focus was both Laser Eye Surgery and Cataract Surgery, as these are the two most common treatments in the UK.

eyedoctor website services page

The Solution

We started work on developing their new website. When we began, the website was a simple one-page scroll with a list of their services and a form that users could fill in – but struggled to get new leads.

We developed an entirely new structure for the website, featuring supporting pages detailing exactly what the services entailed and as well as other relevant information. We also developed a fully functioning shop page where Eyedoctor could list their products and users could add to a cart, and then purchase.

We followed EyeDoctors branding throughout the site, using a set colour scheme, design style and tone of voice throughout the whole process. With EyeDoctor, we wanted to craft a design that conveys the reliable yet personable nature of the company.

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