Foster Transport Compliance

The Mission • Usher them into the modern age with a new website and fresh branding.

With a monumental 160-year history, Foster Transport Compliance is a true authority in road transport compliance. For more than 55 of these years, they have been at the forefront of tachograph regulations and analysis, which sets them apart from the competition.

With such a wealth of experience under the belt, it’s no wonder their services list is so extensive. Transport compliance can be a complicated landscape to navigate, but Foster’s clients rely on them to provide a clear path through its complexities.

When Foster Transport Compliance approached us for help, they were called Foster Tachographs and Transport Compliance. Steering them through their rebrand was central to our collaboration.

Highlight • "[We] produced a range of new branding materials, inspired by their values of trust, professionalism, and attention to detail."

The Problem

The idea for a rebrand came from the realisation that the business was not communicating its message clearly. Therefore, the company name (Foster Tacographs and Transport Compliance) was changed to something more concise and representative of the company (Foster Transport Compliance). It was then our job to create a brand new website that better embodied their core values and more effectively attracted their target audience.


First things first: branding. Before any website work could begin, we ushered Foster Transport Compliance through the initial rebranding process.

Our in-house graphic designer produced a range of new branding materials, inspired by their values of trust, professionalism, and attention to detail. The branding pack included various logo options, typeface choices, colour palettes, and practical mock-ups for real-world use (covering everything from letterheads to lan yards). Contextualising the branding in real-world settings aided the client’s decision-making process.

These designs were a reflection of our dialogues with the client about their evolving brand identity and the specific mediums they needed to brand. It was important to incorporate not just commonplace assets (e.g. social media mockups) but also those more unique to the Foster brand (e.g. branding representations on safety equipment).

Web Design

After solidifying the rebranding, our next step was to revamp the website, aiming for a design that mirrored the renewed modern aesthetic.

The new look, which embodies a less cluttered design with material elements, mirrors the logo: it’s cleaner, streamlined, and easier on the eyes. Pages that were once dominated by text and white space are much more dynamic, with new elements (such as images, stat boxes, and contact buttons) breathing some much-needed life into them.

Alongside the core design, user experience was given some welcome attention. We redesigned the website structure to streamline navigation and make it more accessible to visitors. Originally, pages were missing from the menu and hidden within other pages, making them difficult to find. We worked with the client to redesign the website to make all the content accessible and uplift the user experience.

Their previous website also limited their promotional capabilities because the Events page was completely broken. We fixed this for the new website by implementing an interactive booking system with a monthly calendar that users could easily navigate. Updating this with new events is relatively simple, and we were happy to guide them through this process so they understood how to maintain it independently.

Following the name revision, it was only fitting to update the website’s domain accordingly. To keep the web traffic consistent, we initiated a redirect from the former domain. This ensured both old and new visitors were seamlessly introduced to the revamped Foster brand.

With a revitalised website and tailored branding, Foster Transport Compliance now stands at the forefront of its field. The streamlined digital experience and cohesive visual identity align seamlessly with their dedication to service excellence, empowering them to expand their influence and continue leading the way in transport compliance.

Explore the new website by clicking here. You can also follow them on LinkedIn.

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