Granite House Sample Labels

The Mission • Design and print custom labels for each new product in the client's library.

Granite House is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of granite and quartz worktops, with a wide range of beautiful materials including granite, marble, and quartz. They have worked with a variety of industrial, retail, and residential kitchens, hospitality bars and work areas as one of the country’s major suppliers of granite and quartz worktops.

Granite House worked with suppliers from all over the globe, using only the finest quality natural and manufactured slabs to complete any project.

They provide top-notch granite and quartz surfaces for a range of different industries. Granite House has access to cutting-edge machinery and a team full of dedicated and hardworking employees – which gives them an edge over their competitors.

Highlight • "They can depend on us to produce flawless, high-quality labels for their new products."

The Problem

When Granite House introduces new products, they use labels to categorise them. These labels are applied to the slabs in their factory and showroom, providing staff and customers with essential information at a glance.

Due to the hectic nature of their daily operations, Granite House often lacks the time to design and print these labels themselves. As a trusted long-time partner, they rely on our expertise in graphic design and printing to manage this aspect of their business, thereby simplifying their daily operations.


Creating sample product labels for Granite House is a straightforward and standardised process.

First, Granite House provides us with a list of new products along with essential details such as the product name, description, brand, warranty information, and a high-quality image of the material.

Next, our web design team develops a dedicated product page on the website for each material. This step not only enhances the functionality of the website but also facilitates label creation by allowing us to add a QR code on the label, which links directly to the product page.

Our labels are customised for each specific material. We offer them in two sizes – small and large – according to the client’s needs. We also consider various factors such as whether the slab is bookmatched, the duration of the warranty, and the slab’s size and thickness, and incorporate all this information into the label.

Finally, with the design complete, we send it off to the client for feedback. This step is very important, and no matter how many labels we produce, we never skip it. It’s essential for maintaining the client’s reputation by ensuring all details are accurate, as any errors could be detrimental. This is particularly important for Granite House, known for their precision manufacturing and meticulous attention to detail.

After receiving approval from the client, we proceed to print and deliver the design. It’s that simple!

Thanks to our expertise and longstanding partnership with Granite House, they can depend on us to produce flawless, high-quality labels for their new products. This collaboration gives them complete peace of mind and keeps them at the forefront of their industry.

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