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Granite House is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of granite and quartz worktops, with a wide range of beautiful materials including granite, marble, and quartz. They have worked with a variety of industrial, retail, and residential kitchens, hospitality bars and work areas as one of the country’s major suppliers of granite and quartz worktops.

Granite House worked with suppliers from all over the globe, using only the finest quality natural and manufactured slabs to complete any project.

They provide top-notch granite and quartz surfaces for a range of different industries. Granite House has access to cutting-edge machinery and a team full of dedicated and hardworking employees – which gives them an edge over their competitors.

Highlight • "Since beginning work with Granite House, their website has seen over 1.4 million impressions and is currently averaging around 1500 clicks per month."

The Problem

Their social media profiles were not gaining many interactions, and their website was unoptimised and was not seeing much traffic. Granite House was struggling to generate any leads online and came to us to help them find a solution.

Our primary objective for Granite House was to invigorate both their social media presence and website. Our goal was to use these channels to generate as many organic leads as possible through SEO tactics and a revitalized social media profile.

Social Media

Initially, we introduced two new platforms that we believed would help increase the reach of the brand and target a new audience. By launching a profile on both TikTok and Pinterest, we have been able to reach an entirely new audience and expand the brand much further.

Taking advantage of the unique platform, we were involved in the development of several videos for their TikTok account. We focused on creating interesting videos showing off the different machines and processes the team at Granite House uses day to day. Several of these videos went viral, gaining tens of thousands of views.

We also continued to manage their existing accounts, where creating content for B2B audiences was the more appropriate option. We put together a monthly calendar and planned out content to be posted on each platform each month. These posts include case studies, news and promotions.

In just the first few months of working with Granite House, we managed to increase their engagement online by 2,425. A number that has only continued to grow exponentially.


The Granite House website was almost entirely unoptimised. Our SEO team spent hours organising the entire website and starting the basics of on-page optimisation. Once we had a stronger base to work off, we were able to perform sitewide on-page SEO by rewriting content sitewide, completely revamping the internal linking structure and looking into Granite House’s competitors, among many other things.

After this, the Granite House website began to make significant movements in rankings, which brought in more organic traffic and more leads. Lead Generation is one of the main issues we focus on with SEO, developing pages and content that is much more likely to convert by targeting high-intent traffic.

We continue to work with Granite House and optimise the website as much as we can. With a huge range of products and services available, our SEO team found they had plenty of high-value keywords they could target for the website. Most notably, the website currently ranks in the second position for the keyword “Infiniti Stone” a popular brand with 27,000 searches per month.

We have developed several new pages for the website, targeting high-value keywords or providing additional value to the site through “topic clusters”. We also created several blog posts for the website, which answered some common questions about Granite and kitchen worktops, which were successful.

Of course, the quality of Granite House’s services and products are a huge factor in the growth of their website. They consistently receive great reviews which help out our SEO efforts and their wide range of products give us plenty of opportunities to increase traffic.

The Granite House website continues to be highly competitive with some of the biggest names in the industry. The website competes for the top spot with brands for their own name (ie “Infiniti Stone”).

Page Speed

We fixed this issue by relocating Granite House onto our web hosting platform, Barruko. This gave us the ability to offer real-time monitoring to make sure the website was always operating optimally. Not only are servers lightning-fast on Barruko, but pages also load significantly faster too. This had the added bonus of improving our SEO ranking. Because of the increased page speed, we saw a substantial increase in conversion rates due to the improved user experience.

Our development team are constantly monitoring the backend of the Granite House website to ensure that everything runs efficiently on both desktop and mobile.

The website currently holds a strong 91 score on Google’s Page-Speed Insights tool. This means the website loads quickly and efficiently for users.

Since beginning work with Granite House, their website has seen over 1.4 million impressions and is currently averaging around 1500 clicks per month. We managed this by diversifying the website as much as possible and bringing in traffic through multiple avenues. Granite House offers a variety of services and products which allows us to target a wide amount of keywords.

The Granite House website ranks for multiple high-value keywords including “Quartz worktops”, “Kitchen worktops” and “Infiniti Stone” among several others. We continue to work on optimisation to further increase the reach of Granite House and generate as many leads as possible.

On the social media side, we managed to grow their accounts to around 10,000 followers (across all accounts). Their TikTok account has had over 250,000 views with several videos in the tens of thousands.

We continue to post regularly across all their social channels and work tirelessly to help grow their brand.

Granite House is a long-time partner with Sood and we have a fantastic relationship with the whole team.

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