Imaan Healthcare Case Study

Imaan Healthcare is a chain of nearly 40 community pharmacies based around the UK. Imaan Healthcare offers a range of pharmacy services from prescription delivery to flu vaccinations and everything in between. Comprised of more than 300 skilled professionals, their team is wholly committed to delivering the highest quality care and advice for customers requiring assistance. They also stock a wide range of over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements, as well as products for skin care, baby items, household needs and more

Juggling the main “hub” website for Imaan Healthcare alongside over forty individual Pharmacy sites can be a tricky balancing act. Each website provides a comprehensive list of services available at each pharmacy, ways to get in touch with the team and a sign-up page for their “Electronic Prescription Service”.

Imaan Healthcare also encourages customers to engage with them through social media – they have active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, where customers can find out about new pharmacy services and discounts.

pharmacist passing medicine to a customer

The Problem

Despite their best efforts, Imaan Healthcare’s main website had yet to bring in significant numbers of customers, and the individual pharmacy websites were struggling to gain traction too. With so many different sites, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the team to manage content and stay on top of SEO updates, resulting in poor organic visibility across all Imaan Healthcare-related properties.

We were also tasked with taking over their social media accounts to help boost engagement and outreach in each area. We had to develop engaging and useful content based on services, news or updates in the healthcare industry to ensure customers were up to date with their pharmacy.

This was certainly no easy feat, as there were nearly forty distinct locations and websites to manage.

The Solution

First, our SEO team undertook a complete on-page SEO audit for every main page, blog and service that was already on the site. This audit included each one of their pharmacies, as each location offered a different selection of services – and therefore, pages.

We started to work on optimising the content that was already on their sites, including each of their main services. We then had to work through each service on each pharmacy website to ensure there were no duplicate content issues or other errors – as many locations offered similar services as others.

Alongside the content reworks, we began to develop new content in the form of blog posts and press releases to further the reach of Imaan Healthcare. Blogs were developed to support the main service pages and attract traffic by answering common questions and were successful in doing so.

We continued to develop new content, as well as rework older content to maximise conversions to the site. Taking a look at our analytics, we changed the layout of several pages to improve the overall user experience and boost conversions.

With continued work on the main website and each pharmacy website, Imaan Healthcare saw significant growth across all avenues.

imaan healthcare website about us page

The Results

From December 2019 to November 2020, Imaan Pharmacies across the UK had seen 1.49 million total searches across their Google My Business listings (now known as Google Business Profile) for all pharmacies. 462,000 of which came from branded searches (searching directly for that business or location) and 1.039 million came from discovery searches (customers who find the listing through service, product or category terms).

On their social media accounts, Imaan Pharmacies received 1.9 million impressions and over 80,000 engagements. With over 10,000 posts across 70+ social media profiles, our dedication to creating a brand image and consistent tone allowed us to grow engagement alongside the number of impressions and clicks.

Their main website,, saw 360,000+ impressions within 12 months and saw over 30,000 new visitors. Eventually reaching 155,000 page views in December 2020.

Each pharmacy website has also seen similar growth, at a slightly smaller scale. We focused mostly on local search for each pharmacy, as they each serve a different area in the UK.

The team at Imaan Healthcare were beyond impressed with the results we had managed to achieve, given the smaller scale of the Sood team. We were more than willing to rise to the occasion and provide results that broke past the expectations of the assignment.

Check out the Imaan Healthcare website.

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