James Labels

The Mission •Create a fully optimised new website to showcase their extensive services.

James Labels is an independent label manufacturer that produces a range of high quality self-adhesive labels. Originating from Lancashire, they predominantly serve customers across the UK and China.

They supply a range of labels for a variety of purposes, from food and drinks to packaging and cosmetics.

In almost 30 years of business, they have completed over 5,000 projects, during which they have printed over 5,000,000 labels for customers. This high level of experience and competence is not to be overlooked. But with such a successful business, why did they come to us?

Highlight • "Every single page – for both labels and categories – were optimised by our SEO team to maximise discoverability."

The Problem

As successful as James Labels has been over nearly three decades, they lacked a strong online presence. Their existing website had an outdated design that simply did not look appealing in the modern day. It also failed to properly promote their full range of products as it did not contain pages or categories for each. This means audiences could not access the full extent of the core product on offer simply by looking at the website.

Discoverability was also a problem, as the original website lacked any SEO optimisation. This made it much harder for their audience to discover it, and by extension the brand. Despite the business providing a good product and boasting decades of experience, the website was behind the times.

With competitors embracing their digital marketing efforts with open arms, it was clear James Labels needed to follow suit if it were to continue to thrive. Sood was happy to help.

Our team got to work building a website that accurately reflected James Labels’ commitment to craftsmanship. The new site breaks free from a limiting, outdated design and propels the brand into the present. Inspired by the original logo and branding, our web design team successfully incorporated a design that’s clean, professional, and unmistakably current.

But it’s not all about aesthetics. As a label manufacturer, James Labels are remarkably prolific, and their comprehensive list of labels required meticulous categorisation. The old website glossed over several labels and categories, so our first priority was to add pages for every label in their repertoire. Then, we needed to structure them appropriately. This involved matching them to categories, which also now had their own pages.

Not only did this enhance the user experience, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for, but it set the stage for our SEO team to work their optimisation magic.

Every single page – for both labels and categories – were optimised by our SEO team to maximise discoverability. While the original website missed this critical step, our efforts now ensure that every product stands a fighting chance to not only appear on Google’s search results, but climb the rankings over time.

To ensure this growth is maintained, we will be performing monthly SEO optimisation. In the ever-changing SEO landscape, these regular analytics check-ins will ensure our strategy remains relevant and attuned to the latest trends. If our efforts are not bearing fruit, we can change course until we start to see results.

It’s great to see James Labels’ website looking and functioning better than ever, thanks to a combination of pleasing, intuitive design and the latest SEO strategies.

Click here to view the revamped James Labels website.

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