Lancaster University Case Study


In our current times, caring for the environment has never been more important. When Lancaster University began working on their Eco-I North West Innovation Catalyst, we jumped at the chance to support them.

The goal of the project is to encourage SMEs in the Food & Drink sector and supply chain to move towards Net Zero. It is an ambitious project that required a professional promotional video to get the word out and move things forward towards achieving its objectives.

Our experience working with an array of North West businesses to produce fresh and engaging content made us the ideal choice to create the promotional video. You can view the finished product below.

The Work

At Sood, we also strongly believe in limiting the impact our work has on the environment, as indicated through our partnership with Ecologi. Therefore, we naturally jumped at the opportunity to work on such a special project driven by the same philosophy.

Working closely with the Lancaster University team, we determined the overall style of the video. To lean into the project’s focus of bringing businesses together, we decided to interview several key members intercut with footage of their business operations – e.g. food preparation, packaging, etc. This also highlights the actions they could change to adapt to a more sustainable business model.

A driving principle of the project is the solidarity achieved by businesses uniting under a common goal. Sustainability can be a difficult commitment, but it is made easier when you’re working alongside other like-minded people.

Projects like this are extremely rewarding, as our passion for the subject matter empowers us to produce creative and engaging content.

A pedestrian area on the Albert Dock with the Liverpool Wheel in the background

We’re proud to have successfully delivered the following elements to the client’s specifications:

  • Promotional Video
  • Interviews with all participants and programme lead

We’re pleased that Lancaster University was satisfied with the end product, and we look forward to seeing the progression of this project into the future.

If you want to work with us on a project, contact us to arrange an open consultation.

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