Lucam Consultancy Case Study

Lucam Consultancy is a healthcare recruitment agency based in St Helens, Merseyside. For over a decade, they have worked with both candidates and employers to place talent in their most appropriate roles. Healthcare is a valuable backbone of society, as every one of us benefits from its services. That’s why Lucam pride themselves on providing the most extensive training programmes to ensure each candidate is fully prepared for their designated role.

Alongside healthcare recruitment, Lucam also works within the supported living space via their Lucam Lives arm. This is committed to helping those who require assisted living to gain the services they need to improve their quality of life. They also run Lucam Retreats, a programme of four weekly retreats dedicated to helping care-experienced young people find their purpose, motivation, and ultimately succeed in life. They also give back to the community through a long-running tradition of charity work, including partnerships with The James Bulger Memorial Trust, Teardrops, and The Steve Prescott Foundation.

Needless to say, Lucam is a compassionate company that does vital work for the local community. That’s why we jumped at the chance to help them when they came to us for marketing support.

Two people shaking hands over a table and one holding a resume

The Problem

Lucam approached us because they were struggling to generate an active online presence. Their website was not generating many leads and their social media profiles were experiencing low engagement.

Our plan was to redevelop their website with organic lead generation in mind, and take over their social media profiles with regular and varied engaging content.

The Solution

The Website

During meeting with the client, we were able to plan out each page of the website and establish the general tone for the text. They wanted a formal yet occasionally playful tone – something that represents the Lucam brand and team accurately. As a recruitment agency, they want to be taken seriously while also acknowledging their playful side. We wrote all the site copy and embedded this into a custom site framework developed by our web design team.

The website design was to follow a similar atmosphere as the text – professional but not boring. We got to work designing a stylish, modern website to the client’s specifications. Bold blues – evocative of their logo and universally accepted as a calming colour – permeate each page of the design.

Lucam has a dual audience of candidates (those seeking work) and employers (businesses seeking talent). Therefore, we catered to both of these by including pages directed at each. This 50/50 split in focus was agreed upon by the client and became a fundamental aspect of the website design.

The primary custom feature we developed for the Lucam website was a job portal. This unique page would contain an up-to-date list of open vacancies held by Lucam across the healthcare sector. Knowing the job portal would need to be updated regularly, we created an easy-to-follow tutorial for members of the Lucam team to follow when they received new vacancies to upload. Our team remains available to assist them when needed – including uploading any jobs ourselves – but the tutorial is the quickest solution available.

After the website design was approved and launched to the public, we continued to support the site through the creation of regular blog content. Each month, we produce informative and engaging blogs (including this “6 C’s of Nursing blog”) that increase the discoverability of the website, produce interesting social media content, and further establish Lucam as thought leaders in their industry.

The 'About Us' page of Lucam's website

Social Media

We created four brand new social media profiles for the Lucam brand – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While we knew to expect most engagement to be on LinkedIn (Lucam are a recruitment agency, after all), we decided to utilise four profiles to cover more ground.

When planning content, we decided to use a combination of post types. Service Insight posts would inform their audience about healthcare topics and what Lucam do – this is important to position Lucam as an authority in their industry. Job posts would alert their audience to current vacancies, giving their social media profiles constant relevance. Personal posts were also encouraged as they have always garnered significant engagement with clients in the past, and would emphasise Lucam’s more fun and informal personality.

Naturally, the content we posted for Lucam was dynamic and directly affected by analytics. We would regularly review analytics data each month to discern which content did well and which content performed poorly. We then used this data to adjust our future campaigns. This constant re-evaluation makes our social media content as relevant and engaging as possible in the long-term.

The Results

Since launching the Lucam website, it has received over 5,700 impressions, and averages around 500 clicks per month.

After taking over their social media profiles just over six months ago, Lucam has already received over 5,500 engagements across all platforms. Their combined follower count currently sits at over 2,800.

As we continue to update the website with blogs and job vacancies, we expect engagement to remain constant as new candidates discover the website. We also predict their social media platforms to experience consistent growth as we continue to post relevant and engaging content that is regularly evaluated.

Check out the Lucam Consultancy website. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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