Proicere Case Study

Proicere is a company with an award-winning combination of project controls and building information models that provide a service dedicated to establishing a complete digital twin of a construction schedule. The company aims to encourage its clients to create the future of project delivery by introducing innovative new approaches.

They take pride in how they can help their clients better their projects by lowering risk, enhancing construction site efficiency and increasing certainty. They want to be the industry’s first choice for BIM management and Project Control Integration consultants.

man in a suit and hardhat explaining some building plans

As project complexity grows, their focus on simplicity and product visualisation aid Proicere in achieving the necessary balance. Through a winning combination of project controls and Building Information Models, Proicere is devoted to creating a real digital twin of their client’s construction schedule. This enhances project results by enhancing certainty, lowering risk, and increasing the efficiency of the building site. Their goal is to inspire their clients by influencing the future of project delivery through new and innovative methods. Proicere keeps its promise to provide excellent service.

Proicere is devoted to providing its clients with full assurance of BIM maturity because BIM is swiftly becoming the new worldwide standard in project delivery. They ensure you have complete control of your project when going from the design stage to the construction stage by utilising a variety of technologies, including 4D planning, virtual rehearsal, traditional health and safety and risk visualisation, logistics planning, and site progress tools.

The Problem

To improve their services they contacted our team at Sood to advise and provide help to better their company. Proicere requested a responsive website, and we delivered. We added more pages to the website, which was originally a one-page scroll webpage.

proicere website home page

The Solution

Sood’s team designed an ‘About’ page to provide new and existing clients with a better understanding of what the company is and what it does. It has increased people’s faith in Proicere by allowing them to see exactly what type of company they are dealing with. The ‘About’ page allows visitors or engagers of the site to learn more about it.

Not only did our team work on the content and set up behind the content, but they also created a fully functioning and responsive website, with custom animations to go along with the branding for Proicere.

Sood put in a lot of effort to make the website appealing to everyone who visits it. It was possible to use the same colour scheme as the logo provided by Proicere throughout the website because all of the colours complement each other. By matching the colour scheme to the logo, the Proicere leaves a lasting impact on clients who will link those colours with the company.

With the creative ideas from both the team at Sood and the team at Proicere, the launch of the website was a great success.

Click here to see Proicere’s website!

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