RJ Woodworking Machinery Case Study

RJ Woodworking Machinery is a St Helens-based business that supplies a range of woodworking machinery to businesses all around the UK. We’ve been working with Richard (the founder and manager of RJ Woodworking Machinery) for a number of years. With over 30 years of experience, Richard is a veteran in the industry, supplying woodworking machinery to all sorts of businesses and workshops around the UK. 

Although Richard has expertise in the field of woodworking machinery, he needed a team that would help market his business by creating a robust online presence that would generate awareness and leads for his company.

The Problem

Through consultations, our first step was to identify a starting point. We quickly came to realise that Richard’s website was holding him back. Not only was it slow and difficult to navigate, but almost all of the content was copied from poorly translated manufacturers and offered no value to the user. 

Since the website was in such a poor state, very few leads were generated and the small number of users that landed on the site exited straight away.

It seemed clear to us that Richard needed a completely new website that prioritised user experience, targeted specific types of traffic and truly showcased the huge range of products that were on offer.

The Solution

As we began planning the new website, Richard entrusted us with a high degree of creative freedom, allowing the team at Sood to generate different ideas, tactics and strategies that would help the website to really take off. 

Every aspect of the website was planned by our team, that includes:


  • Overall design
  • Category page design
  • Product page design 
  • Feature design (quick quote & finance calculator)


  • Main page content
  • Category page content
  • Product descriptions


  • Quick Quote
  • Part Exchange
  • In Stock / Backorder pages

Collaboratively, our team at Sood brainstormed lots of different ideas that would help elevate RJ’s website to the next level, giving it a competitive edge against others in the same industry.

Our ideas were focused on creating a seamless user experience that would minimise the number of clicks needed to get from the home page to the desired page. Not only was navigating a priority but so was convenience. To make the site more convenient for the user, we created a Quick Quote feature and a Part Exchange feature.

Quick Quote

The Quick Quote feature allows users to ask for a custom quote on a specific product. Although it’s just a simple form, the Quick Quote feature creates a method of direct contact with Richard who can take into account the comments a user may have made when filling out the form. From there, Richard can offer a quote suitable to that user.

RJ Woodworking Enquiry Form

Finance Calculator

Nearly all products displayed on the website cost upwards of £1000, with some costing anywhere between £40,000 to £70,000. Due to the high costs of these machines, a finance calculator seemed crucial.

RJ Woodworking finance calculator

New Website

The new website was developed with the customer in mind. We focused on creating a seamless user experience that made navigating the website easier and used both the “Quick Quote” and “Finance Calculator” features to maximise conversion rate.

"Since working with Sood, we’ve seen an increase in website traffic and a significant increase in sales resulting from it. Our social media presence is much better – we’re gaining followers all the time. Nothing’s too much trouble and we’re very pleased with everything they’ve done for us."


We’ve worked on a full Search Engine Optimisation solution for the RJ Woodworking website. Working on each page and product to ensure that they rank as high as possible. 

We also put a lot of effort into making the product categories SEO-friendly, since we felt it was more likely that a potential customer would search for a general class of equipment rather than an individual product. The categories include information such as specifications and functions, as well as types of machines available, such as panel saws and edgebanders

We also continuously work on technical optimisation to ensure that the website runs smoothly and offers the best possible experience to users. 

Our SEO campaign for RJ woodworking has developed over several years and we have made substantial progress in both lead generation and traffic acquisition.

Social Media

After seeing the success of his new website, we proposed the idea of helping him to grow his social media presence. Our experience in this field plus our positive relationship with Richard meant he was more than happy to let us take the reins on this new aspect of the project.

We began to manage his social media accounts and create bi-weekly email marketing campaigns. We helped grow RJ Woodworking’s social media leads by 320% within the first year of managing these accounts.

The Results

Since creating Richard’s new website, we’ve watched his business grow – increasing his leads by 1270% within the first year of the new site being live. 

During the first half of 2022 alone, rjwoodworking.co.uk garnered more than 7000 clicks and 359,000 impressions. The website continues to see exponential growth in lead generation and traffic.

The improved website has greatly affected user engagement in a very positive way. Users are finding the site to be more user-friendly and informative, while still getting recommended products that fit their needs.

Our work with RJ Woodworking has developed over several years. We work to repay Richard’s trust and patience in us by furthering the reach of his brand and working closely with him to maximise leads.

Check out the RJ Woodworking Machinery website here!

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Increase in Social Media Leads

*From the first half of 2022 alone (January to July)

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