RLX Construction

The Mission • Build a website fit for a professional construction company.

RLX Construction is a principal contractor specialising in commercial construction. Drawing on decades of experience, they are a leading figure in the industry, expertly supporting clients from concept to completion.

Their expertise is evident throughout their diverse portfolio, having successfully delivered projects on time and within budget for clients in healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more.

In an industry where deadlines and budgets are tight, enterprises need a contractor they can fully rely on to deliver. RLX Construction have proven that they not only deliver but consistently push the boundaries of commercial construction.

Highlight • "[AI copy] is particularly cost-effective for businesses looking to manage their expenses efficiently."

The Problem

While the quality of the team’s work was clear, their previous website did not reflect their excellent reputation. It was outdated, lacked focus, and failed to accurately convey what RLX Construction offers and the value they provide to clients.

In the grand scheme of RLX’s branding, their website was a noticeable weak point, and significant updates were needed to propel it into the modern age.

With our experience building websites for SMEs – including high-profile manufacturing clients – RLX came to us to do the same for them. However, they didn’t want to invest in website copy too heavily, as their main priority was the website design. Fortunately, we offer a variety of service packages and were able to identify the ideal one for their needs, ensuring they received the necessary updates without overspending.

At Sood, we always strive to be at the forefront of the latest industry developments. As such, when AI started to balloon in popularity, we began integrating it into our operations to boost efficiency. After RLX Construction approached us about updating their website without unnecessary expenditures, we saw an opportunity emerge.

We recommended a standard web design package but tailored it to include AI-generated copy, which reduced costs for the client while still delivering the high-quality website they needed. Our top priority is always our clients’ interests. We aim to guide them to the best solutions for their needs without overcharging.

Web Design

In creating their new, fully bespoke website, we prioritised addressing the original site’s lack of clarity and focus. Through a combination of client meetings and our detailed research, we drilled down into what makes RLX stand out and worked on highlighting their value throughout the website.

To better highlight their expertise, we enhanced the visibility of their case studies. Not only did we update and improve the Projects page, but we also integrated a Projects section directly on the homepage to make it more accessible to visitors. Showcasing these projects prominently was crucial, as they exemplify the quality of work and value RLX Construction delivers, so we made it a focal point of the website.

The new copy for the website was crafted for efficiency. We referred to the existing website content for context and enhanced it using AI tools, integrating the updated copy into the new site. We carefully checked the new text for accuracy and ensured it aligned with the brand’s voice before finalising it. This approach is faster than creating custom text from scratch and is particularly cost-effective for businesses looking to manage their expenses efficiently. At the end of the day, Sood is all about flexibility and tailored service.

The redesigned homepage now prominently displays essential information about RLX Construction, including who they are, what they do, and why they are industry leaders. Previously tucked away on the About page, this crucial text now greets visitors immediately upon arriving at the site, providing key company details within seconds.

This text is displayed alongside a video showcasing some of their key projects. This is a holdover from their previous site that they desperately wanted to keep, so we carried it over into the new design.

Accreditations used to be hidden away on the old About page, but we made them centre stage on the new Homepage. Now, as visitors scroll, they encounter a carousel displaying prestigious accreditation logos, enhancing RLX’s credibility and reputation. They’ve spent decades doing the work, and now we’re helping them to showcase their achievements to the world.

However, this doesn’t mean we neglected the About page. We’ve made sure it remains informative by updating it with the business’s current values, showcasing what they stand for today. At the client’s request, we also included a company structure chart detailing the roles within the company and their relationship to each other. This chart is also featured on the Careers page to ensure potential candidates have a clear understanding of the company’s structure and the transparency of the business they may join.

Benefitting from a website package tailored to their unique needs, RLX Construction now have a more modern website that better reflects why they’re industry leaders in commercial construction.

Visit the revamped RLX Construction website here. You can also follow them on LinkedIn.

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