SE Construk Case Study

“Hardworking, Honest and Reliable”

These are just a few of the words customers have used to describe the team behind SE Construk, a qualified bricklaying and carpentry trader with over 30 years of experience.

Operating in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, Steve Ellis of SE Construk has developed a reputation for their high-quality work and excellent customer service. Working on hundreds of projects in the Nottingham arena, with just as many satisfied customers.

SE Construk was already one of the most competent and experienced tradesmen in the area.

Their only problem?

Attracting new customers.

The Problem

While SE Construk was well known for their work ethic and ability to deliver on projects, they weren’t getting many new leads outside of recommendations and outreach. 

Steve Ellis came to us for a new website, a centralised hub where SE Construk can show off its projects and services and attract new customers through forms and phone calls. They had mostly been operating through social media platforms and recommendations from previous clients.

SE Construk asked for something simple, they didn’t need a huge website with hundreds of pages and features. One of our Web team, Hannah, took the lead on the project, working closely with Steve on the initial layout and designs for their new website. 

Together, SE Construk and Hannah put together a straightforward sitemap that focussed on Case Studies and conversions. The idea was to minimize the steps customers take on their journey to getting in touch, so we only needed 5 or 6 different page designs.

seconstruk projects

The Solution

Once we had the site mapped out, we started on the visuals. We wanted to give a “construction site” vibe whilst maintaining a straightforward, minimalistic approach.

We decided to use a combination of whites and greys, with a contrasting “hard-hat” yellow for accents. We based this choice based on signage you typically see around a construction site, with bright contrasting colours designed to draw attention to specific areas. 

Images were going to be the main focus of the website, with lots of case studies and project pictures dotted around the website. With this in mind, we implemented a large image right at the front of the home page, with 2 of SE Construk’s “featured projects” at the very top. This way, you are greeted with the most important information first.

seconstruk projectshome

During the design process, we started to work on writing out the content for the website. One of our SEO team, Dylan, took over content writing. The plan was to focus on showing off SE Construk’s experience, expertise and previous work. 

In this type of industry, customers only typically care about 3 things. How reliable you are, how much your services cost, and how well can you do the job. 

These 3 points were key in the content writing stage. Removing any fluff or unnecessary “SEO” content helped us keep a concise, clear tone of voice across the whole website. 

We got in touch with Steve for some interesting statistics and facts about SE Construk and their previous projects, which helped us spice up the design and further showed off their expertise in the industry. 

Writing powerful Calls to Action was crucial. We could have all the images and concise text as we wanted, but it wouldn’t matter if we couldn’t get visitors to get in touch or fill out a form. 

The site is filled with CTA’s at various key points in the text, giving customers easy access to Steve and SE Construk no matter where they are on the site. 


With the combined efforts of the web team and SEO team, we managed to deliver an incredible customer journey-centric website designed to minimize fluff and get straight to business. 

The projects page is a great place for SE Construk to show customers their work, and the forms we implemented allow for quick communication from both sides, saving both the customer and SE Construk time. 

If you would like to check out their website, you can do so here –

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