Sean Bailey Wellness Case Study

Sean Bailey Wellness is a Community Interest Company dedicated to inspiring “current and future generations to achieve better health and wellbeing.” They do this by providing coaching & training across a variety of education, workplace, and community environments.

The company was born from Sean’s desire to channel his experience of recovering from severe hospitalisation into inspiring wellbeing work.

His website needed to positively represent this mission and accurately communicate the work the company does for communities. When Sean ran into trouble with his previous website management team, the site became more and more unfit for purpose.

The Problem

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with unresponsive agencies who hold your business back. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Sean experienced when managing his original website – the web development team in charge of updating his website never got back to him on time. Ignored messages built up, his website slipped into disarray, and one thing became crystal clear: it was time for a change.

With his website in desperate need of a revamp, he turned to a reliable agency; one he could trust to carry out his wishes quickly and effectively. He came to us.

sean bailey wellness about

The Solution

After meeting with Sean and evaluating the website, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We immediately got to work fixing the buildup of small issues left by the original developers – the goal was to fix these core issues as quickly as possible before moving onto the main improvements.

As part of this initial cleanup, all links on the site were checked to ensure they worked correctly. Then, we moved onto the site’s aesthetic qualities. The previous site looked inconsistent and uneven, so we updated the design to make sure all elements were properly inline, giving the site a much more professional look. Afterwards, we changed the fonts and colours to be more consistent throughout the site, strengthening Sean Bailey’s overall branding and messaging.

Of course, accessibility is a major priority for any website, so we updated the menu to make it easier to navigate and access the different services offered by the business.

sean bailey wellness shop

After these core issues were resolved, our web development team moved onto enhancing the functionality of the shop page. The settings were updated to allow people to be charged different variations depending on the items added to the basket (e.g. delivery only being made applicable on some items).

Additionally, we created branded email confirmations that are sent out when someone purchases an item from the shop.

When users visit a website, they instinctively expect certain elements to be present – elements like a functioning shop page, intuitive menus, and consistent branding. When these basic elements aren’t found, it significantly decreases the legitimacy of the site, and the whole brand.


Features like those we implemented in Sean Bailey’s shop page are crucial in enhancing the functionality of the website, and increasing the likelihood of visitors being converted into leads. Sean should have been reaping the benefits of a revamped shop page long ago, but an unresponsive team led to a buildup of frustrating and avoidable feature-delaying issues.

Thanks to our team’s honest and transparent approach to marketing, his site’s issues were able to be resolved promptly and he now enjoys a professional, functional website that properly reflects his branding, is easy to navigate, and remains consistently well-updated.

Visit the revamped Sean Bailey Wellness website here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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