Side Street Case Study


Side Street Burgers is a franchise chain of burger restaurants based in the UK. They have several franchise locations across the country, including Rochdale, Manchester, and Bonnyrigg. Since they were established in 2020 with just one location, Side Street’s mission has been to bring “the finest & best burgers to the UK food scene”.

To achieve this, they built a carefully crafted menu of rich, diverse, and delicious burgers to amaze, impress, and satisfy. From tasty barbecue chicken burgers to towering quadruple-stacked cheeseburgers, the menu certainly boasted an array of mouth-watering treats.

However, a strong product is only part of the puzzle; Side Street needed help getting the word out, and so came to us for marketing support.

The Problem

While Side Street had a strong product, they lacked a strong online presence. Namely, they did not have an existing website. With the brand growing and their number of locations expanding, the need for a modern, responsive website was more important than ever.

Side Street needed a marketing team they could trust – one that was skilled, experienced, and transparent. So they came to us.

Locations page of the Side Street website

The Solution

The main catalyst for the creation of a brand new fully custom website was the introduction of two new Side Street locations. The days of the company being exclusively Rochdale-based were over – now, they also had sites in Manchester & Bonnyrigg. In order to provide easy access to information on these new restaurants, they had to be incorporated effectively into a new, fully responsive website.

We created three separate location pages dedicated to each site – Rochdale, Manchester, and Bonnyrigg. Each page was updated with vital information such as opening times, an ‘about’ summary, an interactive map, and a location-specific menu.

A key element of strong UX is understanding the audience’s perspective. As we designed these pages, our web design team asked themselves what a visitor would be looking for most, then focused on making that information as accessible as possible. Having an improved user flow increases the chances of users making a conversion upon reaching it.

Rochdale location page on the Side Street website

At Sood, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with clients. It is extremely important to us that each project accurately reflects the client’s vision, so we encourage collaboration as often as possible. Therefore, when Side Street sent us images and text for the website pages, we got to work updating the design to accommodate them perfectly.

A top priority for our designers was the ‘Franchise’ page. Side Street not only serves the public with delicious food, but they provide opportunities for entrepreneurial spirits to launch their own franchise. We needed to design the perfect page to support these franchising efforts as they have been a significant catalyst for Side Street’s growth.

We simplified the journey to becoming a franchisee by designing the layout of the ‘Franchise’ page around simple & effective communication of the details, process, and benefits. It has now never been easier to partner with Side Street and contribute towards the brand’s growth. This will likely play a significant role in the client’s mission to open further locations throughout the UK.

New Sood case study feature image 33

The Results

When Side Street first came to us, they only had one site – Rochdale. Now, they have grown to franchise two new sites (Manchester & Bonnyrigg) with another on the way soon. The responsive website we developed for them has positively contributed to that growth, as evidenced by the site’s analytics data.

Since launching the Side Street website, it has experienced thousands of visitors, some of whom have become franchisees themselves. The Side Street brand is growing from strength to strength, and we are proud to have effectively supported them on this journey by elevating their online presence.

We are excited to continue supporting Side Street with their digital marketing efforts. As they plan to open a new location in Reading, we will be on hand to update their website to reflect this expansion, enabling them to better serve their customers in this area.

Visit Side Street’s website here. Additionally, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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