Sim3 Case Study

Sim3 is a mobile phone repair shop based in Preston, Lancashire. Founded over 10 years ago, Sim3 has become a mainstay in the heart of Preston’s city centre and has an excellent reputation with those living in and around the area. Specialising in mobile phone repairs, Sim3 have repaired thousands of devices since its founding and has experience working with most manufacturers and models.

Their services include:

sim3 website home page

The Problem

At the time, Sim3 was suffering from a lack of new leads and had a poor online presence. Their original website was very poorly designed, with slow loading speeds, broken elements/pages and generated zero leads for the business. They came to Sood Marketing for a brand new, fully optimised, bespoke website that could get their brand off the ground and generate leads from customers from the comfort of their own homes. The mobile phone repair industry is extremely competitive, with thousands of local shops competing for a substantial client base – so SEO was an important factor for their new website.

The Solution

We developed an entirely new website for Sim3, with a range of features designed specifically for pushing lead generation such as the Floating Instant Quote tabA small tab on the side of each page where users can quickly fill in their information and send a message to the Sim3 team with any questions or enquiries. While this was a small change, the effects it had on the number of leads generated was substantial.

Once the website was fully developed, we started to pursue SEO with some small improvements to the website. We focused on revamping the content on the site to better target the relevant keywords and improve overall rankings. Most importantly, we focused on their services pages and content marketing their repair services to clients. With every piece of content we developed for SEO, we maintained a clear focus on sales and pushed visitors to use the contact form we had developed. With the highly competitive nature of the mobile phone repair industry, it was important for us to provide high-quality SEO to beat out other local stores to establish Sim3 as the number one mobile phone repair in Preston.

sim3 website phone repair services page

We also took control of their Google My Business page, allowing us to optimise their page to maximise relevancy and put the business in front of the right audience. We worked with the Sim3 team to establish a process for gaining more reviews from their clients to help boost their GMB profile into the highest positions. Combining this process with Sim3’s excellent service and professionalism, they were able to gain hundreds of 5-star reviews from their customers. 

On the technical side, we worked to optimise the website to minimise load times and maximise performance. While the Sim3 website is a relatively small one, with a smaller amount of pages and images – optimisation was still important.

Tweaking back-end options such as image compression, lazy loading and minimising on-screen CSS elements allowed us to push the performance of the website to its limits. With faster loading speeds, visitors to the website are now much less likely to click off and will spend more time on the website (on average) compared to a slower site.

We continue to improve the Sim3 website every day, looking for opportunities to bring in good-quality traffic that will convert. Our SEO team are currently using user engagement tracking software to see exactly what visitors are doing on the website and how we can tailor their journey to lead to conversions.

The Results

In the end, we managed to develop a completely custom, bespoke website for Sim3 with plenty of functionality to push for enquiries and leads. The website currently receives around 100 visitors per month and generates around 20 leads in the same time. Numbers that, for a very localised business, are very promising. We continue to work on SEO for the Sim3 website to bring in even more visitors and hopefully, more leads.

The Sim3 GMB profile is performing extremely well, with over 6000 views per month and an additional 100 calls directly to the store at the same time. The profile currently has a 5-star overall review score with hundreds of replies touting the fantastic service from the Sim3 team. Recently, we decided to list each one of their services on the GMB profile in an attempt to receive more traffic from the service-related keywords.

How Did We Handle This Client?

We have a good relationship with the team at Sim3, so it was easy for us to understand exactly what kind of website they wanted. Sim3 allowed us a lot of creative freedom to implement features and design decisions that we knew would help generate more leads for them. We continue to work on the Sim3 website to maximise our SEO efforts and bring the target audience to the website. We also first used user tracking software on the Sim3 website, which gave us a fantastic insight into how users behave on the website and how we can alter their journey to target conversions.

What is the Future of Working with Sim3?

We will continue to work on SEO for Sim3, improving the website wherever we can to maximise enquiries using Hotjar user engagement tracking. Optimising both on-page and off-page metrics will continue to be the main focus to help the Sim3 website reach the right customers and grow the business as a whole.

We will remain in continuous contact with the team over at Sim3 to help them with any queries or ideas they may have to better market their business. We will also be providing regular updates on the status of our SEO work for the website so we can understand what they would like to focus on.

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