The Mission • Create a new website to showcase their wholesale treats.

Stella Ice Cream has been a family-run wholesaler of ice cream and frozen treats since 1958. With its origins in Sicily, the business has long been based in the North West and serving businesses across the UK.

Having begun as one of the first Mister Softee franchisees in the country, Stella Ice Cream now boasts an impressive range of frozen treats, from nostalgic classics to innovative new favourites. Whether you’re looking for traditional vanilla ice cream, a selection of Calippos, or a fun Chico pop for the kids, Stella Ice Cream caters to all tastes.

It’s not just ice cream vans that benefit from Stella’s range of delights – over the years, they have also catered to restaurants, cafes, markets, and more.

Highlight • "We crafted a brand new Shop page [that] neatly organises their extensive catalogue of over 180 products into 12 distinct categories."

The Problem

Stella has always placed innovation at the heart of what they do. New flavours, expansion, adapting to trends – if the sky’s the limit, Stella pushes into the stratosphere. As the business continues to grow, their online presence had to match this.

Put simply, their old website was no longer cutting it, and they sought a revamp to match the Stella of 2024. We at Sood happily obliged, and prepared to craft a fully bespoke website stocked with countless tasty products and exciting new features.

Web Design

The branding of the new website was largely taken from the old website, but blasted into the modern age. Retaining the bright summery blue from the logo was a must. However, we replaced the outdated beige background with a fresh white, adding dynamic bursts of colour as you scroll through the pages. Stella might be a B2B wholesaler, but they still specialise in supplying frozen treats! Capturing this playful side of their business was a key element for us.

Another key element we wanted to retain was the highlighting of Stella’s story throughout the site. The family-run nature of their business is a defining factor, and one of their USPs, so we included snippets of their story alongside pictures from their history to drive this home.

Of course, the primary focus of the website is on showcasing Stella’s products, as they are a wholesale distributor. While their old website only highlighted a handful of products, the new site was built to display all of them. We crafted a brand new Shop page to do just that, which neatly organises their extensive catalogue of over 180 products into 12 distinct categories. This enhances the user experience, allowing their audience to quickly and easily navigate through the selection and find exactly what they need.

Purchasing from Stella requires direct contact with a local stockist. To facilitate this, we created a Stockists page on the website. This page uses the user’s current location to display the nearest stockist on an interactive map, making the process of acquiring Stella treats quicker and more efficient than before.

We introduced a new feature on the updated site that allows users to create and log in to a Stella account. This improves user experience by providing a Favourites function, where users can wishlist products and easily access them later. For businesses making repeat purchases, this feature simplifies the process, as they can log in and view their Favourites to reorder with ease.

To further enhance user experience and make life easier for the client, we added a new FAQs page based on the frequent questions the client previously received. This addition helps direct curious visitors to the FAQs for answers, reducing the need for phone inquiries and freeing up more time for the client to focus on innovating their business.

In addition to providing complete copy for the website, we also wrote a blog post to coincide with the site’s launch, ensuring the News page wasn’t left empty. This post, which explores the history of Stella, aligns with the business’s family-oriented ethos. It serves to inform and engage the audience, thereby building trust.

Since the website’s launch, Stella has been using the News page to inform their audience about new product releases. We provided Stella with an easy-to-use guide on how to update this page, enabling them to communicate with their audience at their convenience. Should any issues arise, we are always just a call or message away, ready to assist.

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