The Mission • Produce a professional website to showcase their lucrative investment opportunities.

The Seven Group is a trusted provider of lucrative investment opportunities across Europe. With 30+ years of combined experience, they’ve built an impressive diversified portfolio of high-yielding assets, earning them a prestigious reputation.

Their transparent approach, paired with astute investment acumen, is a significant reason why they have developed a renown for being a trusted beacon in the industry. Clients know they are in safe hands, and that they are being guided on the best opportunities available to them.

Ultimately, with The Seven Group, clients know their money is in safe hands.

Highlight • "We opted for a simple design layout, letting visual materials speak for themselves."

The Problem

Despite their esteemed standing, The Seven Group lacked a strong online presence. Their website was outdated and failed to reflect the prestige inherent to the brand. While existing clients recognised their value, they needed help attracting new ones.

The Seven Group needed a website that effectively displayed their completed projects and investment opportunities to potential clients. We were happy to use our expertise to make this happen.

To usher The Seven Group into their new digital chapter, we prioritised the development of a brand new, modern website. Alongside this, we also crafted a new logo to complement their refreshed brand identity.


Guided by a contemporary flair, we drafted several logos that were presented to the client. Among these variations, they settled on the one you can see situated on the current website. The upwards trajectory of both the arrow and the bars cleanly represents the brand’s eminent status and the wealth of opportunities they provide to their clients.

Web Design

With the logo locked in, it was time to roll up our sleeves and tackle the main event: revamping the website.

In line with the logo, this new website needed to be modern and professional – able to successfully communicate who The Seven Group are, what they do, and effortlessly represent the projects and investment opportunities they have available.

We opted for a simple design layout, letting visual materials speak for themselves – images, fact boxes, case studies, etc. It was important not to bog visitors down in all the technical aspects of the business, but to represent The Seven Group’s offerings plainly and simply.

Images of towering skyscrapers and grand cityscapes plaster the headings of each page, providing an immediate insight into what The Seven Group specialises in, and also communicating the scale and prestige embodied by the brand. “These are the properties you could be investing in.”

Links to opportunities and case studies are peppered throughout the site, but they each needed a dedicated space. We created two fresh pages – ‘Completed Projects’ and ‘Investment Opportunities’ – in line with the client’s wishes to showcase every aspect of their portfolio. These pages can easily be updated by the client whenever they wish to add a new opportunity to their online hub.

The site has also been given a subtle aesthetic upgrade in the form of sleek animations. Instead of static buttons, several elements now smoothly glide into frame. We were careful not to overindulge in these animations, so that the site remains not only fast, but retains a refined and professional appearance.

The Seven Group now have a website they can be proud of – one that embodies their sleek branding and showcases their diverse portfolio to potential clients.

Visit the new Seven Group website here.

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