The Mission • Launch them into the modern age with a new logo and engaging website.

TrustDocs is a Warrington-based business who provide a range of services designed to support estate planners. These services are primarily focused on drafting comprehensive, reliable, and high-quality documentation surrounding estate planning.

When it comes to estate planning, clients need to feel 100% secure in the knowledge that their documentation is handled quickly and thoroughly, so TrustDocs value their fast turnaround times, convenient customer support, and reliable handling of all documentation required by estate consultants.

These values are evidenced in their most central service, FAPT (Family Asset Protection Trusts), which involves protecting a client’s most valuable assets from financial damages. To position themselves as a brand worth trusting with such vital tasks, the TrustDocs website needed to be professional, easy to navigate, and effectively communicate the brand’s values.

Highlight • "Our experienced web design team did a brilliant job crafting a website that was both trustworthy and engaging."

The Problem

Put simply, the old TrustDocs website was outdated. The layout of each page was basic and uninviting; elements were laid out in a messy, uneven manner; there was a distinct lack of images or videos, so each page was dominated by text that consisted of an inconsistent mix of fonts and sizes.

On top of this, the site was not optimised for mobile. When accessing the website on a mobile device, the layout looked messy – and in some cases text was unreadable as it ran off the sides of the screen. It lacked accessibility, and in a world where people are increasingly browsing the web exclusively on their phones, it was clear an update was urgently needed.

In order to attract and retain visitors, the website needed a complete revamp.

During initial meetings with TrustDocs, we engaged in preliminary discussions to help us understand who they are and how we can support them. From these conversations, we established their brand pillars and the specific work they wished for us to undertake.

Together, we decided that a new logo and fresh website design was the way forward. On this website, we agreed to create new pages for blogs and case studies, alongside a brand new booking system for the training courses they provide.

These early conversations informed the development of a brand kit which we handed to the client in order to streamline the rebrand process. This contained several design mock-ups, created by our in-house graphic designer, allowing the client to easily visualise different designs in various contexts and speed up the decision-making process.

Three major options were presented in the document, each with its own versions as presented on leaflets, phone screens, letters, billboards, and – of course – the website. It also contained a detailed overview of the new typeface, photography style, and colour palette, inspired by their brand pillars.

Each variant was inspired by their brand pillars, and as such aimed to embody values of trust, reliability, and professionalism. Once the client selected their favourite design, our web development team got to work incorporating this fresh branding into the new website.

This involved rewriting and redesigning each page on the website to better reflect the updated branding. These redeveloped pages are much more attractive to the eye, and represent the professional character of the business without being dull. This tightrope was tricky to walk, but our experienced web design team did a brilliant job crafting a website that was both trustworthy and engaging.

New pages were also created to showcase blogs and case studies. By having case studies, TrustDocs were able to better communicate what they do for their clients. Meanwhile, a regular stream of blogs contribute towards their positioning as thoughtful, in-the-loop industry leaders. Both of these are relatively standard website features, yet were not present in the original website.

Once we learned TrustDocs offered training courses, we recognised a perfect opportunity to implement a booking system on the website.

In order to make these training courses more accessible to their customers, we implemented the Amelia booking system to allow for easy sign-ups direct from the website. This includes an interactive calendar where visitors can view a schedule of all upcoming events alongside the number of available slots for each. Then, by clicking their desired course, they can easily register their attendance.

This special feature – maintained by our web developers – makes life easier for both TrustDocs’ internal staff and their customers.

The TrustDocs team were extremely happy with the work we performed to revamp their website. Now that the website accurately reflects their branding and messaging, it finally feels fit for purpose in the modern age.

From graphic design to web development, our team’s transparent and collaborative approach resulted in a fresh, responsive, easy-to-navigate website that engages their audience and truly represents them.

Click here to view the updated TrustDocs website. You can also follow them on LinkedIn.

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