Ubiquity Collective

The Mission • Create a vibrant website that reflects their multifaceted PR brand.

Ubiquity Collective is a PR agency based in the North West. Taking a more thorough approach than some PR firms, Ubiquity Collective specialises in not just traditional PR, but a whole suite of promotional services, including event planning, networking, and digital marketing.

It is their belief that it is limiting to focus solely on PR, and common sense to embrace the litany of promotional services available to elevate your brand to new heights. Why stop at sending a press release when you can throw in a networking event, newsletter, and social media campaign into the mix?

This comprehensive strategy has proven successful, as Ubiquity Collective has helped launch with 100+ events and 30+ social media campaigns delivered to date.

Highlight • "The largely monochromatic palette has been replaced by a bright and inviting array of light blue and orange hues."

The Problem

Joel, the man behind the brand, having been previously impressed with our collaboration on a previous endeavour, sought our expertise for rejuvenating Ubiquity Collective.

Despite the business’ success, he realised the current website did not authentically reflect the brand’s vibrant ethos. It looked too corporate and plain, and failed to showcase the liveliness of Ubiquity Collective, a brand enriched by a diverse mosaic of client backgrounds.

Considering our positive past experience with him and our digital marketing acumen, we were the perfect choice to design a lively and engaging new website for his brand. It was time to inject some life and colour into Ubiquity Collective.

Our design philosophy when creating the new website was grounded in one key area: shedding the sterile corporate aesthetic and infusing it with spirited colours and vibrancy. When comparing the old website to the new, the differences are stark. The largely monochromatic palette has been replaced by a bright and inviting array of light blue and orange hues.

To amplify the personal touch, we incorporated images representing Ubiquity Collective’s diverse clientele throughout the site’s headers. Artists and musicians greet visitors across the site’s pages, rooting the website in the communities that the brand caters to. Not only does this emphasise the brand’s personal touch, but it highlights the scope of the clients they work with.

In line with Joel’s vision, we made an effort to prioritise the blog section in the redesign. Now prominently featured in the header menu, these blogs are within easy reach from any page on the site.

Joel now enjoys the flexibility to post blogs at his discretion in the knowledge they can easily be accessed by his audience. He can share news, updates, and insights at his fingertips. Not only does this provide a valuable outlet for him to communicate with his audience, but it helps to position him as a thought leader as he shares valuable insights from his industry.

Visiting the Ubiquity Collective website now more accurately displays the colourful flair of the brand, and Joel couldn’t be happier with the revamp.

Check out the website here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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