Vertical Lift Services North West Case Study

Vertical Lift Services North West is a lift installation and maintenance company based in St Helens. VLS works on all types of lifts, from passenger lifts, platform lifts and service lifts, to glass lifts, car lifts and dumbwaiters. Their full range of services includes:

Vertical Lift Services North West What We Do section

The Problem

VLS came to us looking for a new website that could better represent their company and their services. The website they had was just one poorly designed page that had conflicting information and unclear services. It was lacking any real traffic, was barely optimised and wasn’t ranking for anything useful besides the brand name.

The Solution

The first thing we had to do was to start designing the website. As always, we created several mock designs and had the client select their preferred one. From there, we worked together to improve their chosen design, improving any parts that were lacking and cutting anything that wasn’t needed or wanted. Once the website was designed, it was time for it to enter the development stage, bringing the design to life.

Now as the two main processes were complete, Vertical Lift Services North West had a brand new website featuring a modern design, thorough information, a variety of individual service pages and a ‘Receive a Quote’ feature.

Now that VLS has a website that is organised, well-structured, includes useful features and useful information, it’s time we focus our efforts into SEO so that potential customers can actually find the website and make an inquiry into the service/s they want.

Click here to see the website we designed for VLSNW!

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