The Mission • Craft a modern website that accurately represents their people-first brand.

Vibe HR is a HR & training company with a people-first approach. Based in Liverpool, they were founded on a passionate desire to streamline workplaces for the better, increasing the quality of life and efficiency of their staff, while helping the business to grow.

They provide a range of vital services for workplaces, including comprehensive HR training pathways, management workshops, and leadership programs.

For Vibe, the ‘people-first’ philosophy is absolutely integral to their brand. This means not just providing the above services, but doing so with a continuous focus on the people behind every team. They work closely with each client, making a real effort to understand their team so they can implement the most suitable and effective solutions for their wellbeing and growth.

Highlight • "We knew the website needed to be modern, colourful, and eye-catching - three elements that already define their logo."

The Problem

As a relatively new business, Vibe didn’t have a website. Since launching in 2023, they developed a clear brand identity, a comprehensive list of services, and established themselves on social media.

The missing piece of the puzzle, and quite a significant one at that, was a website. They needed to launch a site that was fully in-line with the brand guidelines they had set out, and that expressed the value they offer their customers clearly and concisely.

Our team was happy to help.

Web Design

During the initial design phase, we collaborated extensively with the client to establish the overall design direction.

We presented a selection of several different Elementor templates, each informed by the theming of their existing assets. They selected their favourite, and we built on this to create a bespoke custom website that’s fully imbued with their brand personality.

We knew the website needed to be modern, colourful, and eye-catching – three elements that already define their logo. The prominent pink hue featured in the ‘Vibe’ portion of their logo was a key inspiration for the colour scheme utilised across the website.

In terms of content and structure, the website is equally minimal. The primary components are a homepage to introduce the brand, an ‘About’ page to communicate the company’s background & mission, and four ‘Service’ pages (which are self explanatory!).

While the client didn’t have any pre-existing content to place on the website, we added a placeholder ‘Blog’ page in the event they wanted to provide news or updates to their audience. This process is incredibly user-friendly, but our team remains on standby to assist if necessary.

The client had been inspired by Operating Principles on related websites, and wanted to express theirs in a similar fashion. We liked the idea, but didn’t want to compromise on the site’s simple, uncluttered design philosophy. Our solution was to incorporate clear buttons representing the four main Operating Principles that, when clicked, reveal more detailed information in a pop-up. Minimal yet still informative!

The only custom feature we implemented on Vibe was the user-friendly booking system. Powered by the Amelia WordPress plugin, this feature presents all available sessions in an interactive calendar format, allowing visitors to easily view availability and book their preferred time slot on the same page. It’s efficient and streamlined both for both users and the client.


During early meetings with the client, we established the tone of voice for Vibe’s content. One of their taglines says it best: “HR with a modern twist!” In essence, it needed to be simple, accessible, and with an informal touch.

So, for each page, our copywriter blended descriptions of the brand’s value and service details with a contemporary and casual tone. Vibe distinguishes itself with its personalised and modern approach to HR, which contrasts sharply with the dull, conventional, and overly formal style typical of many agencies.

We aimed to avoid overwhelming the audience with excessive text, so we focused on brevity while retaining all essential information. This approach aligned well with our overarching philosophy of a clean and minimalistic design.

Thanks to our efforts, Vibe HR now boasts a new, impressive online presence. The new website clearly showcases their services, facilitates easy appointment bookings for visitors, and enables the client to swiftly post news and updates.

Explore the Vibe HR website here. You can also follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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