Walk-In Clinic Near Me Case Study

Walk-in Clinic Near Me is a service created by GreenLife Pharma. With this project, GreenLife Pharma strives to add value to the health sector and highlight the influence community pharmacies have. 

Walk-in Clinic Near Me aims to improve patient access to several high-end private pharmacy walk-in services by connecting them to a range of partner clinics that are fully equipped to deal with a range of health concerns.

Their pharmacies are at the heart of their local communities and are well-positioned to deliver these critical services. There are a whole host of benefits too, mainly easing pressures on the wider NHS.

Walk-in clinic home banner

The Problem

The team behind Walk In Clinic Near Me needed an experienced marketing partner that could understand and implement their vision. Their main goal was to generate more bookings for each clinic location and encourage users to use the website to find their nearest Walk-In Clinic location.

When GreenLife Pharma came to us with this idea, there was no branding, website or even a name. We had to develop everything together from start to finish.

Walk-in Clinic home page
Walk-in Clinic services page

The Solution


We started by developing a name and branding for the concept. In meetings and discussions with Greenlife Pharma, the first thing we looked at was a brand name. Sessions initially focused on what the essential features of the service were, which led us to a few variations of the name name “Walk-in Clinic.”

Eventually, we decided to add “Near Me” to the name to emphasise locality and the fact that multiple locations in the UK would be included. The word “Walk In Clinic Near Me” had another SEO perk – as it was an exact match to a popular search term.

Once we had a name, we had to come up with a logo, colour scheme and font. The idea was to illustrate the idea of health and a pharmacy in one. We spent some time researching and drawing up drafts for logos until we came to the pill and cross shape. 

The logo we created encapsulates a heart and pills in the form of a cross, creating a distinct yet very recognisable icon. We used the cross shape because it is commonly identified with medical and health, we felt that it portrayed exactly what Walk-In Clinic Near Me does as a service.

As for the colour scheme, we decided on a combination of Crimson and Dark Slate Grey overlaid on a mostly white background. These colours were chosen as they complemented each other well and helped form a distinct brand identity.


Branding was complete, and the team at GreenLife Pharma we’re extremely happy with the result. Our focus then moved to designing and building their website. We worked to plan out the website page by page, determining exactly what kind of content and features we would need.

As we already had developed the branding, we were able to build pages fairly quickly. The idea was to keep the website clean and functional, focusing on providing useful information and help to customers rather than additional fancy graphics and features.

At the time, we had no official content-writing team to develop all the content. As the site is health and medical-focused, we had to be sure everything that we created was factually correct. We worked closely with GreenLife Pharma to fact-check and verify each piece of content.

The SEO team wrote a large portion of the content for the website, giving it a strong headstart when we eventually pushed the site live.

One issue we faced was implementing a location finder so that visitors to the website can find their nearest clinic. We found that third-party plugins simply did not have the functionality we needed – So we decided to develop our own.

Our custom location finder was significantly more effective and allowed users to quickly enter their postcode to find their nearest locations. We also included a small description of the clinic and strong CTAs pushing toward the booking system.

Screenshot of the Walk-in clinic locations page


Once the website was live, we shifted our focus to full Search Engine Optimisation. We spent time discussing with the team at GreenLife Pharma exactly what keywords they wanted to focus on. After performing our own extensive research and planning out a strategy, we went to work optimising the entire site. We focused on On-page SEO initially, while updating and improving the technical side in the background. 

After months of work from our SEO team, the site began to improve in rank at a steady rate. Walk In Clinic Near Me rose quickly to the first page for its priority keyword and additional pages began moving too. 

We also developed and published several blog posts and articles for the website to target additional traffic. The content of the posts varied regularly from news from the industry, informational posts, PSA and updates from the clinics. These posts helped keep the website fresh and regularly updated.

Social Media

We were tasked with creating and managing a social media campaign with Walk-In Clinic Near Me.  We quickly began preparing and planning posts in advance to ensure that we could post regularly. To help manage each post, we created a custom content calendar that allowed us to track each post and where it was going to be posted on. 

In the end, we managed to prepare over 30 high-quality posts to be posted on their social media accounts. These posts ranged from informational to updates and videos. We ensured that we created a variety of posts to keep readers engaged.  

“We have been working with Sood for many years, and the experience has been great. The team is on hand to support us with any marketing activities and have been pivotal in launching new initiatives at Walk-in Clinic.”

Saghir Ahmed

Walk-in Clinic Near Me

The Results

As a result of our efforts, the Walk-In Clinic Near Me website has continued to grow significantly.  At the time of writing, walkinclinicnearme.co.uk saw over 3.4 million impressions and around 50,000 clicks over a 12-month period. The website ranks top 3 for several high-value keywords such as “Walk in centre” and “urgent care near me”. 

The success of Walk In Clinic Near Me comes from the combined efforts of our entire team as well as the team over at GreenLife Pharma. Having built the website ourselves, we were able to effectively optimise and promote the services through several different channels.

Click here to check out the Walk-In Clinic Near Me website!

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