Your Village Pharmacy Case Study

Your Village Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy based in Littleborough, Greater Manchester. When owner Euchael set out to open a brand new pharmacy, he knew he needed a quality website to establish an online presence and attract customers in the local area.

A community pharmacy must make customers feel secure in the knowledge that they are being handled by professionals. Your Village Pharmacy offers a range of services that position them as such: EPS nomination, NHS health checks, and prescription dispensing.

As a new business, Your Village Pharmacy needed to immediately position itself as legitimate and trustworthy in order to eventually grow into a pillar of the community. Therefore, as the first point of contact for many potential customers, it was vital for the website to fully reflect these values across every page.

The Problem

Euchael needed a trusted team to support him in the development of this new website. In the end, Sood was the obvious choice – we have cultivated years of experience working not only with businesses in the healthcare sector, but we have specifically supported a significant number of community pharmacies throughout the UK.

When it comes to understanding the needs of community pharmacies – their vision, their mission, and their audience – and incorporating them into an attractive, easy-to-navigate website, Sood has the expertise.

your village pharmacy home

The Solution

Establishing a community pharmacy brand means crafting a website that looks the part. It needs to immediately convey that it is a healthcare brand, which is why our graphic designer selected a light, clinical colour palette. The shades of blue present throughout the site were taken from the logo sent to us by Euchael. As this logo was a pre-designed element Euchael wished to keep, we used it as a basis to influence the overall design of the website.

Each page was developed with this bright, material, blue colour palette in mind to ensure the branding was consistent throughout. This was complemented by an emphasis on white space. Since many visitors will be seeking vital health information, breaking up the content was important to make the site much easier to read. A dense, inaccessible website would drive these visitors away.

your village pharmacy about

Alongside the design, we also wrote full copy for each page. Drawing from our experience writing community pharmacy websites, we knew to maintain a formal, informative tone and ensure all information was relevant and factual. Misinformation can significantly hurt the reputation of a healthcare brand, so working with Euchael to verify the site content was a necessary step before publishing the website.

The key service highlighted on the website is the EPS page (AKA ‘Electronic Prescription Service’). Again, our experience with community pharmacy meant we had an existing understanding of the importance of this page. EPS sign ups have been a significant KPI for past pharmacy websites we have developed, so we drew on that experience to create a functional and appealing EPS page for Your Village Pharmacy.

It was designed to be informative without being too wordy or jargon-heavy (achieved through the inclusion of an interactive infographic). This way, each visitor can gauge a clear understanding of the EPS system, increasing the likelihood of conversions, and therefore profit for the company.

your village pharmacy eps


Euchael was highly satisfied with the website we developed for Your Village Pharmacy. Now, they have an established online presence that enables them to be discovered by their audience, who are increasingly searching online for healthcare services.

As the brand continues to grow, our team is happily on-hand to update the website as needed to the business’ changing needs and specifications (e.g. the addition of new services, changes to medical information, updates to opening hours, etc.). We wish the business the best of luck on its journey, and cannot wait for it to become a community staple of Littleborough!

Click here to view the Your Village Pharmacy website.

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