Aztec Coin Event

The Mission • Promote their full range of products on a new SEO-optimised website.

Aztec Coin is a specialist distributor of coin-operated amusement machines.

Offering a diverse selection of entertainment machines, from classic arcade games and fruit machines to lively jukeboxes and competitive air hockey, they cater to both home and retail environments. Their products entertain guests in various establishments, including pubs, holiday parks, hotels, and more.

Juggling a thriving business keeps Richard on his toes, so he sometimes relies on a skilled marketing agency to support his promotional efforts.

Highlight • "We designed eye-catching wall advertising panels featuring their logos, captivating images, and clear contact information."

The Problem

Richard, the founder of Aztec Coin, recently hosted a promotional event to showcase his products to potential customers. However, it was being planned on relatively short notice, and he required urgent assistance with the production of several marketing materials.

To get everything produced on time for the event, he asked us to help him out. Having created his website last year – one that we continue to maintain long-term – he knew he could rely on us to provide our branding services to help him get the event prepared in the nick of time.

Three crucial design elements, one tight deadline – that was Richard’s challenge for us. Confident in our ability to perform under pressure, we eagerly embraced it, and placed our graphic design team on the case!


Our first task was to create an A4 company profile brochure that would be handed out to attendees during the event. It needed to be in-depth, detailing the company history, a full list of services, their product categories, and an array of calls to action, encouraging readers to dive deeper into the Aztec Coin world.

We’ve produced plenty of brochures in the past, and having worked with Richard before on his website, that familiarity meant this was simple. We didn’t need to spend time researching Aztec Coin, because as a valued client, we already knew exactly what they were about.

Next, we designed a branded stock inventory sheet. This sheet listed all event products with their prices, adhering to Aztec Coin’s signature black and yellow palette and website fonts. For user convenience, a QR code directly linked to the website, ensuring customers had easy access to products they were interested in. Additionally, the sheet featured a phone number and email address as alternative CTAs.

Again, our experience with Aztec Coin meant we possessed existing product data that we could quickly add to the branded sheet. This highlights the inherent benefit of building strong client relationships: future work becomes smoother thanks to readily available information, making tight deadlines less stressful.

Finally, bringing Aztec Coin’s brand to life at the event was crucial. We designed eye-catching wall advertising panels featuring their logos, captivating images, and clear contact information. These were placed around the event space to grab attention and engage potential customers.

With our support, Aztec Coin had a strong presence at the event, and was able to showcase his brand and range of products to attendees with absolute confidence.

If you take one lesson from this case study, make it this: at Sood, we deliver above and beyond every contract. Once our clients are part of the Sood family, we’ll go the extra mile to support them – it’s all part of the personal touch!

Thanks to our fast response, Richard was able to successfully host his event and present his wonderful products to a delighted audience. Tight deadlines? Around here, we call that a challenge, and we’re proud to have smashed it.

Click here to visit Visit Aztec Coin. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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