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What can content creation do for you?

In the modern age, marketing relies on more than just written material. To stay ahead of the curve, you should be embracing the world of content creation – from quality photos to engaging videos.

Your brand image needs to remain distinctive, consistent, and reflective of your business’s personality across all channels. Consider that video marketers gain 66% more qualified leads per year. The images and videos you produce are a strong opportunity to attract audiences while exhibiting what makes your brand unique. You may have an array of quality products and services, but a picture says a thousand words, so let’s make them perfect!

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Professional content creation

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Why choose us for content creation?

Content creation may appear simple, but doing it well requires a broad skill set and a nominal degree of experience. From the artistic qualities of shot framing and storyboarding to the technical expertise of using cutting-edge camera equipment, our team can produce quality content that breathes life into your brand.

We make the production process easy and tailored to your business goals so you get the results you want without the hassle.

Have a strong concept for a video but struggling to execute it? Planning video content isn’t easy, but our specialist team can storyboard your ideas and film the whole thing for you. Your input – even just one simple idea – is essential for creating an end product that matches your vision, but we can handle all the heavy lifting.

We can also tie your content into a wider marketing strategy. The immense popularity of emerging platforms like TikTok proves that video content is the future. We can integrate the content we create into your primary marketing campaign, taking advantage of current trends to attract vital new audiences.

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Case Study: Granite House

When considering the power of content creation to revitalise a brand, look no further than Granite House. They saw the potential of video content to capture the attention of wider audiences and were fully on board to join the increasingly popular video-sharing platform, TikTok.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world – it’s one billion active users typically spend 52 minutes a day using the app. The spontaneous nature of its algorithm means anyone can stumble across profiles they may not have ordinarily found as they scroll through an endless stream of videos.

Since joining in March 2021, we have produced plenty of regular content for Granite House. This includes videos showcasing materials, machinery, and finished products. In short, we condensed all the work Granite House does into short, satisfying videos tailored for an exciting new platform.

In the 1.5 years since launch, the content we produced gained them over 3,300 followers and 10,400 likes. Several videos have gained viral traction, including one of granite polishing that amassed 200,000 views within a few months. Another, exhibiting a sleek marble bathroom they manufactured, was viewed over 60,000 times in just two weeks.

A versatile marketing strategy should embrace any viable channel to attract new audiences. While TikTok may not appear to be an obvious marketing channel for a manufacturing company, we saw the potential for growth. Our work with Granite House proves that a creative enough team can successfully embrace current trends to attract new audiences and boost their reach.

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“Working with Sood has been refreshing because it’s given us a full holistic approach to our marketing. With Paalan, you can pick up the phone and speak to him about where you want to go as a business and he’s an ideas person. They put their energy behind every project they’re involved in and that’s a big help.”

Mubeen Patel

Content Creation: Frequently asked questions.

We don’t display prices on our website for photography and video as we tailor these services to your business needs. Each business has different business objectives, which determine the content we create for you, as well as the cost.

Yes – through our partner, WeEatMarketing, we have a studio in Manchester fully equipped with several different shooting spaces, from a high-end kitchen to a white backdrop and more. This gives us the versatility to produce multimedia content for a variety of business types.

Yes, we can! Although we may not use the same equipment or the same team. We also use different lighting for video than we do for photography. You can receive a quote featuring the time split between the two resources.

Yes. There will be an additional charge per minute of footage we must caption.

Tricky to answer! It all depends on the brief. After taking a brief and asking all the questions we need, we can then work through how long each image will take to capture.

Please note that we never underdeliver with our photography and videography services. When shooting even the most complex shots, we make the most of our time and go beyond the typical brief, capturing extra images and videos for you to use.

Typically, we ask you instead: How many do you need? Then, we can work to achieve this goal and capture the quality shots you’ll be satisfied with.

Yes. For any photography or videography, we can find models and influencers to help with the shoot. We use both our existing network and send out job adverts.

Yes. For now, we are only UK-based.

Yes, of course. This is standard procedure at Sood.

We advise our clients on this. During the brief, we will scope out the purpose of the video(s) and guide you on through process. Each platform requires different formats.

Facebook, for example, prefers widescreen videos (and prefers for you to upload directly rather than post a link). However, Facebook Stories are usually best viewed tall and thin, or what we regard loosely as 9:16 format.

Instagram, however, has a few different formats depending on the use case, from feed posts to stories and reels!

No matter the platform, we will advise you on the most appropriate formats for your social media platforms.

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