Haven Financial Planning

The Mission • Support their rebrand with new assets, a fresh website, and long-term SEO.

Haven Financial Planning is a firm of independent financial advisors with over 35 years of experience.

When it comes to finances, Haven recognises that trust and transparency are absolutely essential. Their commitment to honesty, professionalism, and a clear client focus constitutes the core of their business philosophy. It’s this foundation that ensures their clients feel both satisfied and secure about their financial journey.

They imbue these values into every one of their comprehensive services, which includes pensions & retirement planning, corporate financial advice, tax planning, mortgage advice, investment advice, and much more.

Highlight • "Through detailed discussions, we captured Haven’s goal of simplifying financial planning for clients."

The Problem

When Haven approached us, they went by the name of Haven Global Strategies. At that point, they were planning a rebrand and sought our help to support them through it.

After years of growth, Haven felt that their existing name, logo, and website no longer aligned with their evolved business. They sought a refresh, aiming for a brand that accurately reflected the Haven of the present day. An embodiment of their current vision, mission, and values, rather than an echo of a bygone era.

As they worked on figuring out the new name, we put our branding and web design team to work on a fresh new logo and website to align with their exciting rebrand.


Creating a new logo for Haven required understanding their current brand. Through detailed discussions, we captured Haven’s goal of simplifying financial planning for clients.

The new logo needed to reflect this clarity. The previous logo looked professional but lacked simplicity.

We designed several logo variations embodying these values. The final design is sleek, with ‘Haven’ in a concise form, dropping ‘Financial Planning’, and transforming the original crest into a straightforward emblem around the ‘H’.

Web Design

Our main focus was redesigning the website. The old site was functional but outdated and rigid, not reflecting Haven’s emphasis on clarity and accessibility. We aimed for a simple, clean design with a colour scheme of blues and teals to create a trustworthy atmosphere. We revamped pages to be more engaging, replacing dense text with dynamic elements and imagery. FAQs were added to service pages with user-friendly dropdowns.

Working closely with the client, we ensured content was clear and accurate, especially for complex financial topics. We also added new pages for Haven’s sub-services, boosting SEO and providing valuable information for users.

Customer feedback is crucial for Haven. We moved the Client Satisfaction Survey to the site and added Trustpilot reviews in the header to build trust and boost conversions.

Positive reviews enhance Haven’s SEO by improving its E-E-A-T score (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), aiding Google rankings.
The new site was launched on a secure, fast Barruko server.


Our SEO efforts continue post-launch to maximise visibility and generate leads for Haven.

We optimise on-page content with relevant keywords and the latest SEO tactics. Additionally, we produce regular blog content for Haven’s News page, leveraging their extensive services to share expertise and simplify complex financial matters for clients.

Revamping Haven’s website was extensive but extremely rewarding. They now have a modern website that reflects their renewed focus after their rebrand. The design is more appealing and user-friendly, their value is clearer, and it is fully optimised to climb the search rankings. Above all, Haven has a website to be truly proud of.

Explore the revamped Haven website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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