The Mission •Create distinct branding for this fast-growing food brand.

Smashville is a burger joint operating out of a petrol station in Oldham. This unique brand successfully brings the heart of Americana to the North of England, offering not just wholesome burgers but American sweets and confectionery to curious visitors.

Proving that their brand is no mere gimmick, their menu boasts a variety of fresh, wholesome, and flavoursome treats. Biting into one of their juicy stacked burgers will turn Oldham into a distant memory and transport you right into the American heartland.

At Smashville, visitors come for the story, stay for the taste, and return for the experience.

Highlight • "We concluded that the brand’s essence should echo an urban, American, and slightly edgy atmosphere."

The Problem

The concept and product were strong, and sensing the momentum building, Smashville knew they needed to cement it. Any successful brand needs a clear and refined brand identity, so they came to us to develop a strong branding guide. With our help, they planned to convert the potential of their burgeoning hype into a successful long-term brand.

First things first, we held an in-depth branding workshop with the Smashville team. As a UK-based burger restaurant steeped in Americana, we could decipher their general tone and direction, but this workshop gave us the finer nuances that were pivotal in the creation of their branding guide.

What colours should we consider? What keywords best capture the spirit of the brand? How will the branding differ between mediums? There were a variety of questions asked during this workshop that all delivered rich insights into the Smashville brand that could not be discerned from a surface level glance.

Consequently, these insights formed an essential blueprint that we loyally followed when creating the Smashville branding guide.

By showcasing mock-ups of Smashville assets in different contexts (e.g. on billboards, delivery apps, packaging, etc.), we created a tangible preview of their real-world presence. The gap between concept and reality is erased, leaving no room for unfortunate surprises down the road. They were essentially able to see finished products before they actually existed.

As you can see, we concluded that the brand’s essence should echo an urban, American, and slightly edgy atmosphere. These core themes were channelled into every element of the branding guide, ensuring faithful alignment with the Smashville team’s vision before the final approval.

Smashville now has the perfect branding guide that truly captures the essence of their business and that they can use as a foundation to influence their communication and marketing efforts.

With hopes to add more locations to the Smashville lineup, we’re confident this branding guide will be a crucial compass. And rest assured, if additional support is needed, we’re always just a call away.

Check out the Smashville website.

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