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Are you a healthcare business looking to elevate your online presence? Look no further than Sood – we have accrued years of experience marketing for businesses in the healthcare industry, helping brands reach their audience with tailored and effective marketing strategies.

How can we help your healthcare business?

Everybody needs healthcare. As a fundamental aspect of our lives, we strive to make healthcare as accessible as possible by harnessing the endless opportunities provided by digital channels.

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People are increasingly searching online for solutions to their health queries. It’s our job to push your business in front of them as the answer to their problems. Through a range of marketing channels, we can position your business as an authority in the healthcare space – providers of valuable information & crucial services to the local community. As disinformation surrounding healthcare circulates online, it’s more important than ever that we position legitimate businesses like yours as trustworthy authorities to combat this and keep the public informed with facts.

At Sood, healthcare is an integral part of our repertoire. We have worked closely with healthcare businesses since our inception, and these years of experience make us the ideal choice to plan and deliver the most suitable marketing strategies for your business in a growing digital world.

As our client, you can look forward to a positive relationship built on trust and transparency. Through open discussions, we’ll truly get to know your business to determine exactly how we can help it thrive.

Our knowledgeable team is well-versed across all healthcare sectors and ready to assist you in connecting with your target audience.

Building a digital future with a personal touch.

Any reputable healthcare business needs a strong website to represent them. As a provider of essential services, your website should be well-designed and easy to navigate. To position your business as an authority in the healthcare industry, your website has to look the part.

Your customers will not only need to trust your website, but also find it convenient to use. Healthcare is indispensable, so it should therefore be as easy as possible to access credible information and services on your website. A poorly designed website acts as a barrier to vital healthcare services – be the purveyor of accessible healthcare instead.

If you need a custom bespoke website for your healthcare business, we can develop it. Through open discussions with you, we’ll determine the direction of the design, including which features to implement to best serve your audience. If you’re struggling with ideas, our vast experience working with healthcare businesses means we can expertly guide the project at any point.

With your customers at the heart of the experience, your website will be the reliable hub through which you can promote your services, inform your audience, provide bookings, and more.

Be the healthcare hub for your local community – read more about our website development services.

When making healthcare more accessible, we must discuss the importance of SEO. Having a strong website is vital, but ensuring your audience can find it is equally important.

SEO refers to the process of optimising your website so that it ranks higher on search engines, meaning your customers can find you more easily. After all, what use is a well-designed website that nobody sees?

The optimisation process can be highly technical. Content needs to be written in accordance with SEO guidelines, under-the-hood settings need to be adapted to suit Google’s quality standards, and keyword research needs to be undertaken tailored to your business. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry – we’ve got the technical aspects covered. In essence, we’re helping your website reach more people.

The SEO process can be time-consuming, but ultimately results in more loyal long-term customers. This is because it boosts the number of organic visitors to your website – visitors targeted due to their pre-existing interest in your products & services. SEO is a worthwhile investment due to its ability to cultivate community over time.

Don’t get buried by the competition – read more about our SEO services here.

To make your healthcare business as convenient as possible for your customers, you should invest in building a strong social media presence.

With more and more people using platforms like Facebook to seek solutions for their health queries, your reputable business needs to be there to provide reliable answers.

Alongside establishing yourself as an authority in the healthcare space, social media allows you to build and nurture a strong community around your business. Providing a space for customers to engage directly with you and each other helps them to feel valued. To succeed in today’s digital world, you’ll need to tap into the world of instant feedback and regular updates.

With years of experience building and managing social media profiles for healthcare businesses, we’re the perfect choice to strengthen your connection with your audience online.

Graphic design can be overlooked as a marketing tool, but it goes a long way towards establishing your healthcare brand as reputable and recognisable.

Consider your logo, banners, and social media assets. Do they immediately communicate what defines you as a brand? Do they embody the spirit of healthcare? When it comes to healthcare, people place a lot of value in credibility. They need absolute trust in the services they seek, so if your branding looks unprofessional, customers will look elsewhere.

That’s why we draw on our years of experience with healthcare businesses to imbue your brand with the values that define healthcare – health, community, and authenticity.

From digital branding to offline assets such as leaflets and posters, we’re committed to producing strong graphic design that expresses the reliability and heart of your brand.

Don’t settle for bland branding – bring your business’ visual identity to life with our graphic design services.

Digital marketing provides plenty of avenues to produce exciting and fresh content to engage your audience. As a healthcare business, you want to express your credibility without bogging your audience down with endless jargon and terminology.

Tapping into video and image content allows you to breathe new life into your content. Did you know Facebook posts with images receive 1.5x engagement than those without. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract and retain customers. Let our creative team spice up your online presence.

We also have experience producing informative and engaging video content for healthcare businesses. From interviews to snappy service overviews, we’re always finding new and interesting ways to keep audiences informed.

The information and services you provide are essential, which means you must convey it in fresh and interesting ways to keep your audience informed. Visual content breathes life into your content, meaning your audience stays engaged in the long run.

Crafting a copywriting plan for the Healthcare sector is notably more complex than any other business. You must be factual, comprehensive and able to articulate technical terminology in a simplified manner that anyone can comprehend.

At Sood, our copywriting team is highly skilled in crafting content for a variety of healthcare-related companies. To guarantee accuracy and to make sure you are always satisfied with the final product, each piece we produce undergoes an extensive check before we send it for approval from a member of your team.

With our experienced team, you can finally take a break from the tiresome and stressful task of copywriting. We specialize in developing healthcare website content, PRs, captivating blog posts, and managing social media campaigns to name just a few. Allow yourself the freedom you deserve by entrusting your copywriting needs to us!

Learn more about our Content Creation and Copywriting services

Walk-in Clinic Near Me is a chain of clinics that provide same-day appointments for a variety of health issues.

They approached us to develop their branding, as well as fully custom bespoke website development, SEO, and the launching of campaign assets.

We developed the branding first, as this would then inform the subsequent work we would undertake for the client. Through open discussions, we ascertained a strong understanding of the design we should pursue. We experimented with several concepts tailored to their specifications until settling on one that effectively evoked health, support, and community.

Once the client was satisfied with the logo, we moved on to developing their website. This process was informed by the client’s feedback, as well as the logo branding they approved. Our content writers worked closely with the client to produce accurate, informative content. We keep all of our clients updated as we work, but we take special care with our healthcare clients to avoid spreading misinformation.

We made sure to keep the customer at the heart of the experience, which led to the inclusion of special features such as a location finder and internal booking system. By making the website easy to use and more convenient for the customer, they are more likely to make bookings and continue engaging with the brand long-term.

After the site was fully optimised for SEO, we planned out a social media campaign to get the word out once the site launched. With the aid of a content calendar we developed, we got to work drafting 30 posts to be regularly scheduled on the brand’s social media pages.

To assist with the launch of the service, we also produced several offline marketing materials, including posters, leaflets, signage, and more. These items were completely bespoke and tailored to the Walk-in Clinic Near Me brand.

Since the website launched, organic traffic has risen to 10,000 visitors per month, and they are ranking for 92 keywords on the first page of Google. We are thrilled to have a hand in helping healthcare providers reach a wider audience, and look forward to working within the industry long into the future.

“We have been working with Sood for many years, and the experience has been great. The team is on hand to support us with any marketing activities and have been pivotal in launching new initiatives at Walk-in Clinic.”

Saghir Ahmed

Walk-in Clinic Near Me

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